The Civil War in South Carolina

4th Cavalry Regiment
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    Many of the Cavalry companies which made up the SC 4th Cavalry existed prior to the war as Militia Companies, and we have documentation that the Charleston Light Dragoons which became company K of the 4th Cavalry traced its roots back to pre-Revolutionary War times. This company is first mentioned in Confederate Military History as a part of the State Militia charged with guarding Fort Sumter in the summer of 1860.

    The 4th Cavalry Regiment was organized in January, 1863, by consolidating the 10th and 12th Battalions South Carolina Cavalry.

    The 10th Cavalry Battalion [also called 3rd Battalion] was organized during late spring of 1862 with five companies. The unit served in the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, and in January, 1863, merged into the 4th South Carolina Cavalry Regiment. Majors James P. Adams and William Stokes were its commanding officers.

    The 12th Cavalry Battalion was also known as the 4th Battalion prior to its merger into the 4th Cavalry Regiment.

    The 4th Cavalry Regiment served in the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, then in March, 1864, moved to Virginia with 1,350 officers and men. Attached to General Butler's Brigade, it participated in The Wilderness Campaign, the battles around Cold Harbor, and in various conflicts south of the James River. Transferred to Logan's command, it fought in the campaign of the Carolinas and with less than 200 men surrendered with the Army of Tennessee.


    B. Huger Rutledge - Colonel
    W. P. Emanuel - Major, Lieut. Colonel
    William Stokes - Major, Lieut. Colonel, Colonel
    G. E. Manigault - Major
    J. M. Gregorie - Major


    Black River (13 AUG 1862)
    Destruction of the George Washington near Beaufort SC (9 APR 1863)
    Combahee River (2 JUN 1863)
    Expedition from Fort Pulaski, Ga to Bluffton, SC (4 JUN 1863)
    Lowndes' Mill, Combahee River (13 - 14 SEP 1863)
    Cunningham's Bluff (24 NOV 1863)
    The Wilderness VA (5 - 6 MAY 1864)
    Spotsylvania Court House VA (8 - 21 MAY 1864)
    North Anna VA (23 - 26 MAY 1864)
    Hawe's Shop (28 MAY 1864)
    Cold Harbor VA (1 - 3 JUN 1864)
    Petersburg Siege VA (JUN 1864 - APR 1865)
    Vaughan Road (1 OCT 1864)
    Carolinas Campaign SC (FEB - APR 1865)


    Company A - Chesterfield County
    Company B - Chesterfield & Fairfield Counties
    Company C - Oconee, Pickens & Anderson Counties
    Company D - Santee Mounted Riflemen - Georgetown County
    Company E - Marlboro County
    Company F - E. M. Dragoons - Marion County
    Company G - Orangeburg & Colleton Counties
    Company H - Catawba Rangers - Lancaster County
    Company I - Williamsburg Light Dragoons - Williamsburg County
    Company K - Charleston Light Dragoons - Charleston County


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