7th Cavalry Regiment



    The South Carolina 7th Cavalry Regiment was organized in March, 1864 by consolidating five independent companies with the cavalry of Holcombe's South Carolina Legion. The unit served in General Gray's Brigade and was involved in various conflicts south and north of the James River and around Appomattox. It surrendered with 22 officers and 398 men.

    At the surrender at Appomattox, the regiment consisted of 5 Field and staff-commissioned officers, 3 non-commissioned officers, 14 company officers, and 355 enlisted men for an aggregate total of 377.

    The folllowing note appears in the Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia, p. 472-3.

    Gary's Cavalry Brigade

    A. C. Haskell, Col. 7th So. Ca. Cav'y, com'dg brig.
    W. H. Mouldin, Quartermaster
    J. S. James, Capt. A. C. S., 24th Va. Cav'y, Act'g C. S. Brig.
    1s Lieut. S. M. G. Gary, Aide-de-Camp.
    2d Lieut. R. W. Boyd, Ordnance Officer.
    Surgeon H. Barr, Acting Brig. Surgeon.
    J. C. Sosnowski, Birg. Ordnance Serg't.
    B. T. Hane, Courier, Co. B. 5th S. C. Cavalry.

    (signed) A. C. Haskell,
    Col. 7th S. C. Cav. Com'dg Birg.
    [Paroles signed by Col. Haskell.]

    This document was obligingly furnished by General J. C. Kelton, Acting Adjutant and Inspector-General United States Army, Washington, D. C., being a copy of the original in his Department. A majority of the cavalry of the Army of Northern Virginia appear not to have been surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse. In a report of General Fitzhugh Lee, commanding the cavalry to General R. E. Lee, dated April 22, 1865, he states that Generals T. L. Rosser and T. T. Munford, commanding divisions, succeeded in cutting their way through the lines of the Federal Army, and "immediately made arrangements to continue the struggle," until the capitulation of General Johnston's army brought the convincing proof that a further resistance was useless. A printed order (No. 6), issued from near Lynchburg, Va., April 21,1865, to his command by General Munford - a copy of which is before the editor - glows with patriotic ardor and an undying spirit of resistance. General Munford, in a recent letter to the editor, states that though he was paroled about May 10, 1865, that his command were not surrendered, but were disbanded at Lynchburg and dispersed to their homes.

    I estimate that the rosters below contain approximately 25% of the men who served in this regiment.


    Colonels Alexander C. Haskell and W.P. Shingler, Lieutenant Colonel Isaac G. McKissic, and Major E.M. Boykin.


    The 7th Cavalry Regiment was engaged in the following battles:

    Petersburg Siege VA (JUN 1864 - APR 1865)
    New Market Heights (29 SEP 1864)
    Ropers' Farm (30 SEP 1864)
    Sayler's Creek (6 APR 1865)
    Appomattox Court House VA (9 APR 1865)



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