South Carolina 1st Infantry Regiment (Hagood's)

Hagood's 1st Regiment Volunteers completed its organization at Barnwell, South Carolina, in December, 1860, and entered Confederate service in April, 1861. Its companies were raised in Charleston and the counties of Orangeburg, Lancaster, Barnwell, Greenville, Colleton, and Richland. The regiment served in the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, then moved to Virginia and brigaded under Generals Jenkins abd Bratton. It fought at South Mountain, Sharpsburg, and Fredericksburg, and later served under Longstreet at Suffolk and D.H. Hill in North Carolina. Again it was with Longstreet, but the unit did not take part in the conflict at Chickamauga. After fighting in the Knoxville operations the unit participated in the battles at The Wilderness , Spotsylvania , and Cold Harbor , the Petersburg siege, and the Appomattox Campaign. It reported 16 casualties at South Mountain , 40 at Sharpsburg , 1 at Fredericksburg , and 45 at Wauhatchie . Of the 169 engaged at Spotsylvania , thirteen percent were disabled, and from June 13 to December 31, 1864, there were 17 killed, 89 wounded, and 17 missing. It surrendered 21 officers and 201 men.
A history of this regiment was written by Gen. Hagood after the war. Excerpts from this book are included here regarding the organization of this regiment.

Colonels W.H. Duncan, Thomas J. Glover, James R. Hagood, Johnson Hagood, and Franklin W. Kilpatrick; Lieutenant Colonels Benjamin B. Kirkland and Daniel Livingston; and Majors George M. Grimes and Watson A. O'Cain
Fort Sumter SC (12 - 13 APR 1861)
Secessionville (15 - 16 JUN 1862)
2nd Bull Run VA (28 - 30 AUG 1862)
Chantilly VA (1 SEP 1862)
South Mountain VA (14 SEP 1862)
Antietam VA (17 SEP 1862)
Fredericksburg VA (13 DEC 1862)
Wauhatchie (28 - 29 OCT) 1863
Knoxville Siege GA (NOV - DEC 1863)
The Wilderness VA (5 - 6 MAY 1864)
Spotsylvania Court House VA (8 - 21 MAY 1864)
North Anna VA (23 - 26 MAY 1864)
Cold Harbor VA (1 - 3 JUN 1864)
Petersburg Siege VA (JUN 1864 - APR 1865)
2nd Fort Harrison VA (30 SEP 1864)
Williamsburg Road (27 OCT 1864)
Appomattox Court House VA (9 APR 1865)

The rosters which follow are taken from The Appomattox Roster and South Carolina Troops in Confederate Service, Vol. I.
Additional rosters may be found in Hagood's Memoirs of the War of Secession.
Field and Staff
Company A - Before the Reorganization
Company A - After the Reorganization
Company B
Company C - Before the Reorganization
Company C - After the Reorganization
Company D - Before the Reoganization
Company D - After the Reorganzation
Company E - Before the Reorganization
Company E - After the Reorganization
Company F - Before the Reorganization
Company F - After the Reorganization
Company G - Before the Reorganization
Company G - After the Reorganization
Company H - Before the Reorganization
Company H - After the Reorganization
Company I - Before the Reorganization
Company I - After the Reorganization
Company K - Before the Reorganization
Company K - After the Reorganization


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