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    Confederate Showcase

  • Brannan, Jonathan Jackson
  • GA 53rd Infantry Regiment - Co. F.
    GA 53rd Infantry Regiment - Co. F&S
  • Culp, John Wesley
  • VA 2nd Infantry Regiment - Co. B.
  • Hanks, William Howell
  • AL 23rd Infantry Regiment - Co. A.
  • Hooten, Littleton
  • AL 22nd Infantry Regiment - Co. G.
  • Rigdon, Thomas Sylvester
  • GA 49th Infantry Regiment - Co. F.

    Union Showcase

  • Breedlove, John Watts
  • MO 32nd Infantry Regiment - Co. E.
  • Culp, David
  • PA 87th Infantry Regiment - Co. F.

    Citizen Showcase

  • Emmett, Daniel D.
  • Author of "Dixie"

    Book & CD Sets