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How to Create a Story

We provide a "Publishing Management" system which helps you to create a story using "building blocks" of story segments, videos, and photos which have been "curated" to make it easy to put them together to tell a unique story. These building blocks are created and edited as needed by community participants.

Content is organized into 8 subject areas.

  • Events
  • Battles
  • Brigades
  • People
  • Places
  • Regiments
  • Rosters
  • Source Documents
  • These elements are all tied together by means of a timeline which is created and maintained as an Excel spreadsheet. There is no charge to create a story. Click here for details on how to create a story.

    May we create a story for you?

    Digital stories may come in all shapes and sizes. Most effective stories require a knowledge of the subject matter and research of the life of the individual subject.

    There are 6 million stories to be told from the Civil War and over 6,000 battles occurred over the 5 years. While the top 50 battles and personalities have been written about in excruciating detail, most stories remain untold and largely hidden to the casual researcher.

    We can use our extensive background knowledge and access to the individual soldier service records to create a personalized story such as our signature story, Thomas Rigdon. Most stories require approximately a month to research and write. When completed we will provide a "Digital" copy of the story and host it on our website for you. Additionally we will provide a printed and bound full color "presentation copy" that you can proudly display. Additional copies of the book are available for sale and will be available on Amazon.

    For a limited time we are offering personalized "One Man's Stories" for $250. Additional copies of the book are available for:

    1 - 10 copies - $20.00
    11 - 24 copies - $15.00
    25 or more copies - $12.00

    I invite you to Contact Us about creating a story for you.