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Digital Storytelling

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The era of Digital Storytelling has arrived. In fact its been here for several years now, and many of us are just now coming to realize it.

There's been a paradigm shift of epic proportions that has up-ended the publishing world. But much of the basic foundation still stands. The new era is all about new tools and technologies and learning how to effectively use them to promote this new method of communication.

Steven Spielberg has been called "The Greatest Storyteller of Our Times." When I first heard that quote several years ago my immediate reaction was - No, I write books. He makes movies. As I've seen things like Movie Maker, Digital Photography and You Tube evolve, I've often stated that "We won't be competing with Spielberg, but these new computer tools do have some possibilities."

Well, the time has arrived. While I have no illusions that I'll create the next "Raiders of the Lost Ark," I do look forward to mastering these new "Tools of the Lost Art" of storytelling.

We are dedicated to providing the tools and technologies to help you tell your story. Our focus is on the Civil War, but the tools can be used to create any kind of story. We invite you to browse our samples and dream of what we might create together.

If you don't have the time or inclination to tell the story yourself, I invite you to Contact Us about creating a story for you.