Tennessee Records On Line


  1. 1890 Veteran's Census - Bledsoe County
  2. Baxter's Light Artillery, TN CSA Roster
  3. Benton County, TN: Tragedy at Duck Hill Station [includes numerous state listings]
  4. Bledsoe County, Tennessee
  5. The Blue and Gray from Hawkins County, Tennessee
  6. Bradley County Civil War Records
  7. Civil War Battles by State: Tennessee
  8. The Civil War Message Board Portal [listed by state]
  9. Claiborne County, TN
  10. Tennessee GenWeb Project by County
  11. Ellis Harper, Partisan Ranger (Roster of Captain Ellis Harper's Company)
  12. Federal Military Rosters
  13. Memorial Rolls -Extracted from The Military Annals of Tennessee Confederate By John Berrien Lindsley (Published 1886)
  14. Monroe County, TN Links to include some military information
  15. Muster Roll of Jackson's Company 1865 [Jackson's Co (A), Burbridge's Regt (4th MO) Cavalry]
  16. Polk County, TN
  17. The Stone River Order of Battle: Confederate
  18. Tennesseans in 4th Arkansas Cavalry, USA
  19. Tennessee and The Civil War Home Page
  20. Tennessee Civil War Map of Battles
  21. Tennessee Civil War Service Records
  22. Tennessee Division Sons of the Confederate Veterans
  23. Tennessee Civil War Pension Records
  24. Tennessee Regiments - Confederate
  25. Units involved in the Battle of Saltville
  26. Union Order of Battle - Battle of Nashville
  27. Union Regiments Formed In Tenn.
  28. Vaughn Brigade
  29. Yesterday, Henderson County History Page [not just Civil War - well worth checking out]

  30. 1st Tennessee Mounted Infantry
  31. 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery Battalion, Battery A, CSA
  32. 1st Tennessee Infantry (Prov),CSA
  33. 1st Tennessee Infantry, Co. K, The Martin Guards
  34. 1st Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment Co. D "Williamson Grays"
  35. 2nd Tennessee Infantry [Bates]
  36. 2nd [Tennessee] Cavalry Battalion, Co. F
  37. 3rd Tennessee Regiment Cavalry, USA
  38. 3rd Tennessee Infantry
  39. 3rd Tennessee Infantry Memorial Roll
  40. 3rd (Vaughn's)Tennessee Infantry, PACS, Also called 3rd Confederate Infantry; 3rd Tennessee Cavalry Regiment; 3rd Tennessee Mounted Infantry Regiment
  41. 3rd Tennessee Volunteer Infantry
  42. 4thTennessee Infantry, US
  43. 4thTennessee Mounted Infantry Regiment USA
  44. 4th Tennessee Infantry
  45. 6th & 11th Tennessee Cavalry
  46. 7th Tennessee Infantry Co. C and E
  47. 7th Tennessee Infantry Co. E
  48. 7th Tennessee Infantry, Co. A, DeKalb County, TN - Includes 24th TN Infantry, Co F; 16th TN Infantry Regiment, Co A; 16th TN Infantry Regiment, Co G; 23rd TN Infantry Co C; and 50th TN Confederate Infantry Co K
  49. 7th Tennessee Mounted Infantry
  50. 8th Tennessee Infantry Co. A-K
  51. "The Dancyville Grays", 9th Tennessee Infantry, Company A
  52. 10th Tennessee Cavalry
  53. 10th Tennessee Cavalry
  54. 10th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
  55. 11th Tn Cavalry Battalion
  56. 12th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
  57. 13th Tennessee Infantry
  58. 15th Tennessee [Stewart's, Logwood's] Cavalry
  59. 16th Tennessee Infantry, Co. A and G, DeKalb County, TN - Includes numerous units
  60. 16th Tennessee [Russell's] Cavalry
  61. 16th Tennessee Regiment CSA - Memorial Monument and List of Killed In Battle
  62. 20th Tennessee Cavalry, CSA
  63. 20th Tennessee Cavalry, CSA
  64. 22nd Tennessee
  65. 23rd TN Infantry Co C (includes numerous units)
  66. 34th Tennessee Infantry, Also called 4th Tennessee Volunteer Regiment. 4th Tennessee Infantry Regiment, Provisional Army. 4th Confederate (Tennessee) Infantry Regiment
  67. 37th Tennessee Infantry Regiment [Co. A-K]
  68. 37th Tennessee [Co. E]
  69. 37th Tennessee [Co. G] CSA
  70. 38th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
  71. 39th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
  72. 39th Tennessee Infantry Regiment, "Avery's", also called 4th Confederate Infantry
  73. 40th Tennessee Infantry (Arkansas companies D-F-G-I)
  74. 41st Tennessee Confederate Infantry Company H
  75. 42nd Regiment Tennessee Infantry
  76. 42nd Tennessee Infantry Regiment
  77. 44th Tennessee (Field consolidated with the 25th. TN. Oct. 1863)
  78. 44th Tennessee Infantry
  79. 44th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
  80. 44th Tennessee Infantry and 44th Tennessee Consolidated Infantry: Reports from Official Records
  81. 49th Tennessee Infantry
  82. 50th TN Confederate Infantry Co K (includes numerous units)
  83. 53rd Tennessee Infantry
  84. 55th Tennessee Infantry
  85. 55th Tennessee Infantry
  86. 61st Tennessee Infantry
  87. 62nd Tennessee Infantry Regiment
  88. 63rd Tennessee Infantry, Co. D
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