21st Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

Historical Notes:
The Tennessee 21st Infantry Regiment completed its organization at Union City, Tennessee, in July, 1861. Its members were recruited in Memphis and Hardeman County. The regiment totalled 744 men in July, moved to Kentucky in September, then reported 78 casualties at Belmont. During May, 1862, when the unit was reorganized, it was consolidated into six companies and united with the 5th (Smith's) Confederate Infantry Regiment. Officers:
Edward Pickett, Jr.
Hiram Tilman
James C. Cole

After Consolidation with the TN 2nd Infantry Regiment (Knox / Walker’s) in June of 1862
J. Knox Walker
James A. Smith
James A. Ashford
James A. Smith
William B. Ross
William B. Ross
F. A. Strocky
Colonel R. M. Russell’s Brigade (September, 1861)
Brigadier General Gideon J. Pillow's Division, Russell's Brigade
River Brigade commanded by Brigadier General John L. T. Sneed, Provisional Army, State of Tennessee.
Colonel W. H. Stephens' (Stevens) Brigade, Polk's Division, Army of the Mississippi, (March 9, 1862)
Brigadier General George Maney's Brigade of Major General B. F. Cheatham's Division, (May 1862)
Major General W. J. Hardee's Corps, Colonel A. T. Hawthorn's Brigade, (June 30, 1862)
Major General B. F. Cheatham's Division, Brigadier General Bushrod R. Johnson's Brigade
Major General Simon B. Buckner's Division, Brigadier General Patrick B. Cleburne's Brigade
Lieutenant General D. H. Hill's Corps, Cleburne's Division, Polk's Brigade (July 31, 1863)
Cleburne's Division, Brigadier General James A. Smith's Brigade (July 31, 1864)
Brigadier General Hiram B. Granbury's Brigade (August 31, 1864)
Fort Denham
Perryville (October 8, 1862)
Murfreesboro (December 31, 1862)

Missionary Ridge

The Atlanta Campaign

Ringgold Gap

Taylor's Ridge


The Carolina’s Campaign
The roster of this unit contains the names of 812 men.

Edward Irby, Co. "A". Men from Memphis.
Richard J. Person, Co. "B". Men from Memphis.
J. P S. Whitemore, Co. "C". Men from Pocahontas, Hardeman County.
J. D. Layton, Co. "D". Men from Memphis.
J. H. Healy, Thomas R. Dashiell, Co. "E". Men from Memphis.
A. L. Whitley, William A. Brown, Co. "F". Men from Memphis.
S. H. Whitsitts, N. D. Cullen, Co. "G". Men from Memphis. 24 men in this company were enrolled at Vicksburg, Mississippi, June, 1861, having formerly been in Gaines' Company, 22nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment.
Nat C. Taylor, Co. "H". Men from Memphis.
William Hutchinson, C. W. Frazer, Co. "I". Men from Memphis.
H. C. King, Co. "K". "The Pillow Guards No.2," a Kentucky Company enlisted in Tennessee June 13, 1861.
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