22nd Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Nixon's)

Historical Notes:
The Tennessee 22nd (Nixon's) Cavalry Regiment [also called 20th Regiment] was organized in March, 1864. The men were recruited in Lawrence, Wayne, Giles, Marshall, and Maury counties, and some were from Mississippi. The unit, about 250 strong, was assigned to E.W.Rucker's, T.H.Bell's, and A.W. Campbell's Brigade, Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. It skirmished in Alabama, participated in Hood's Tennessee operations, moved to Mississippi, and again saw action in Alabama. The regiment was included in the surrender on May 4, 1865. The names of most of the men have evidently been lost as the roster contains only 38 names. Officers:
Colonel-George H. Nixon
Lieutenant Colonel-Thomas H. Logwood
Major-James M. Crews
Brigadier General A. W. Campbell’s Brigade. Battles:
Colonel Nixon stated the regiment had an engagement with two regiments of Federal cavalry, and drove them across the Cahaba River, near Centreville, Alabama, shortly before the surrender and parole of the regiment at Gainesville, Alabama in May, 1865. Colonel Nixon himself was in command of Colonel E. W. Rucker’s Brigade until shortly before the surrender, Colonel Rucker having been wounded and captured at Nashville on December 16, 1864. Rosters:
This unit had approximately 250 men of whom 38 men are known.

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