24th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

Historical Notes:
The Tennessee 24th Infantry Regiment was assembled at Camp Trousdale, Sumner County, Tennessee, in August, 1861. Its companies were recruited in the following counties: Rutherford, Williamson, Macon, Sumner, DeKalb, Maury, Coffee, Hickman, and Wilson. After taking part in the conflicts in Shiloh and Perryville , the unit was attached to General Stewart's, Strahl's, and Palmer's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. It was active on many battlefields from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, returned to Tennessee with Hood, and saw action in North Carolina. This regiment took 406 effectives to Shiloh, had 68 disabled at Perryville, and lost twenty-three percent of the 344 at Murfreesboro. It reported 43 casualties at Chickamauga , 45 at Missionary Ridge, and totalled 257 men and 148 arms in December, 1863. Few surrendered in April, 1865. Officers:
Colonels Robert D. Allison, Hugh L.W. Bratton, and John A. Wilson; Lieutenant Colonels Thomas H. Peebles, Samuel E. Shannon, and John J. Williams; and Major William C. Fielding. Assignments:
General Stewart's, Strahl's, and Palmer's Brigade Battles:
Missionary Ridge
The Atlanta Campaign
The Carolinas Campaign
The roster of this unit contains the names of 2196 men.

John C. Jackson, F. M. Jackson, Co. “A”. Men from Rutherford County.
Thomas H. Peebles, Samuel E. Shannon, Richard N. Herbert, Co. “B”. Men from. Williamson County.
John M. Uhls, I. W. Burrow, Co. “C”. Men from Macon County.
John A. Wilson, Nicholas H. Lamb, Co. “D”. Men from Williamson County.
John A. Baskerville, Jesse Gwinn, H. M. Austin, Co. “E”. Men from Sumner County.
R. D. Allison, William C. Fielding, H. P. Dowell, W. H. Lincoln, Co. “F”. Men from Alexandria, DeKaib County
James M. Billington, 1st Co. “G”. Consolidated with “B” May 2, 1862. Men from Maury County.
William W. May, Isaac T. Roberts, W. M. Bennett, 2nd Co. “C” formerly “L”. Men from Hillsboro, Coffee County.
Charles Wesley Beale, H. C. Campbell, 1st Co. “H”. Consolidated with “I”, May 2, 1862. Men from Hickman County.
Henry W. Hart, Erastus S. Hance, 2nd Co. “H” formerly “M”. Organized June 22, 1861 at Nashville, Tennessee. Men from Smith County. Attached to regiment early in 1862, prior to the Battle of Shiloh.
John I. Williams, Edward W. Easley, I. A. Holmes, Co. “I”. Men from Hickman County.
T. C. Goodner, Henry C. McBroom, Thomas H. Ragsdale, Co. “K”. Men from Manchester, Coffee County. Some from Wilson County.
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