Tennessee 27th Infantry Regiment

    The 27th Infantry Regiment [also called 25th Regiment] was assembled at Camp Trenton, Tennessee, in September, 1861. Its 833 men were from the counties of Benton, McNairy, Obion, Henderson, Decatur, Crockett, Weakley, and Carroll. It was furnished arms at Columbus, Kentucky, then fought at Shiloh, Munfordville, and Perryville. The unit was assigned to General Maney's Brigade, Army of Tennessee, and in December, 1862, consolidated with the 1st Volunteers. It participated in many conflicts from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, endured Hood's winter operations, and ended the war in North Carolina attached to Palmer's Brigade. This regiment totalled 580 effectives in December, 1861, and lost fifty-four percent of the 350 at Shiloh and fifty-three percent of the 210 at Perryville. The 1st/27th had 83 casualties of the 457 at Murfreesboro, reported 14 killed and 75 wounded at Chickamauga, and in December, 1863, totalled 456 men and 290 arms. Only a remnant surrendered on April 26, 1865.


    Brown, Blackburn H. - Colonel
    Caldwell, Alexander W. - Colonel
    Williams, Christopher H. - Colonel
    Frierson, William Frierson - Lieut. Colonel
    Allen, Alexander, C. - Major
    Love, Samuel T. - Major
    Taylor, John M. - Major





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