28th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Hay's)

Historical Notes:
No record of authorization for this regiment was found except in parole records in 1865, most of them dated May 16, 1865, at Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was probably formed in 1865 by the addition of other companies to a battalion of Cavalry or Scouts commanded in December, 1864 by Captain Jourdan Hays. On December 11, 1864, Lieutenant General John B. Hood, with headquarters on the Franklin Pike, six miles from Nashville, advised Colonel Benjamin I. Hill, commanding at Shelbyville: "Captain Jourdan Hays, cornmanding a battalion of Cavalry, has been ordered to report to you with his command, without delay. His battalion will constitute a portion of your command." On the same date, instructions were issued to Captain Jourdan Hays, near Winchester, to report to Colonel Hill. On December 14, inquiry was made as to whether Captain Hays had reported as ordered. This is the only record found on Captain Hays' Battalion. Officers:
Captain Jourdan Hays Assignments:
The roster of this unit contains the names of 94 men.

Prisoner of War records showed men from Wilson County, Maury County, Coffee County, Knox County, Lincoln County, and Grundy Counties.

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