33rd Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

Historical Notes:
The Tennessee 33rd Infantry Regiment was formed in October, 1861, near Union City, Tennessee. The men were recruited in the counties of Obion, Madison, Lake, Hardeman, and Weakley. Company C contained men from Calloway County, Kentucky. It fought at Shiloh and Perryville , then was stationed at Shelbyville for a few months. The unit served under Generals Stewart, Strahl, and Palmer, and in December, 1862, was consolidated with the 31st Regiment. It partcipated in many battles of the Army of Tennessee from Murfreesboro to Atlanta , moved back to Tennessee with Hood, and was active in North Carolina. This regiment lost 20 killed, 103 wounded, and 17 missing at Shiloh and reported 33 casualties at Perryville. The 31st/33rd lost twenty-three percent of the 379 engaged at Murfreesboro, then the 33rd had 24 disabled at Missionary Ridge and totalled 124 men and 69 arms in December, 1863. It surrendered in April, 1865. Officers:
Colonels-Alex W. Campbell, Jones, Robert N. Payne
Lieutenant Colonels-Warner P. Jones, Henry C. McNeill
Majors-Henry C. McNeill, Robert N. Payne
Of the field officers, Colonel Campbell was not re-elected at the reorganization. Colonel Jones was killed June 30, 1864; Lieutenant Colonel McNeill was killed July 22, 1864.
Polk's Army of Mississippi, Colonel J. C. Tappan's Brigade
Major General John P. Mc Cown's Division.
Brigadier General Charles Clark's Division, Brigadier General Alexander P. Stewart's Brigade.
Cheatham's Division of Polk's Corps.
Stewart's Division, Major General John C. Breckinridge's Corps.
• Battle of Shiloh, April 6-7, 1862
• Seige of Corinth
• Battle of Perryville, Kentucky October 8, 1862
• Battle of Murfreesboro December 31, 1862
• Battle of Chickamauga September 19th and 20th, 1863
• Missionary Ridge November 26, 1863
• Retreat to Dalton, Georgia
• Dug Gap
• Mill Creek Gap
• Resaca
• Ellsbury Mountain
• Kennesaw Mountain
• The siege of Atlanta
• Battle of Jonesboro
• Spring Hill November 29
• Franklin November 30
• At Nashville, December 15, 1864
• Bentonville, North Carolina
The roster of this unit contains the names of 1202 men.

Company A - Captains Ellison S. Howard, W.C. Fleming, Henry W. Hickman - Men from Obion County.
Company B - Captain Thomas Lacy - Men from Madison County, some from Hardeman County.
Company C - Captain Frank W. Marberry - Men from Calloway County, Kentucky.
Company D - Captains Wade H. frost, James R. Scott - "The Forest Rovers." Men from Obion County.
Company E - Captains T.R. Hutcherson (Or Hutchinson) (or Hutchison), John W. Walker - Men from Obion County.
Company F - Captains John Bedford, R.F. Morris, W.B. Jones, W.H. Adams - Men from Obion County.
Company G - Captains Warner P. Jones, James F. Carpenter, Bennett H. Smith, Eugene R. Morerod - Men from Lake County.
Company H - Captains T.O. Kiligore, W.R. McWherter, T.L. Killebrew - Men from Weakley County.
Company I - Captains James M. Wilson, W.E. Caidwell - Men from Obion County.
Company K - Captain James M. Bradford - Men from Obion County.
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