1st Battalion, Tennessee Light Artillery

Historical Notes:
An attempt was made in May, 1862 to form a regiment of light artillery out of the light artillery batteries which had belonged to the Artillery Corps of Tennessee. The attempt was unsuccessful; no field officers were elected, and the organization was never recognized by the Adjutant and Inspector Generals Office. However, some of the companies were mustered as companies in the First Tennessee Light Artillery Regiment. Some of them later formed a temporary field organization known as the 1st Tennessee Light Artillery Battalion, also called the 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery Battalion, the remnants of which were permanently consolidated into the 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery Regiment (q.v.) by order of Major General Leonidas Polk in January, 1864. Officers:
The Compiled Service Records for this battalion contains 21 names. There are probably several hundred others who served, but are now unknown.

  • Company A - Hugh L. W. McClung's Battery

  • Company 1st B - Smith P. Bankhead's Battery, later William L. Scott's.

  • Company 2nd B - Jesse Taylor's Battery, later P. K. Stankiewicz', F. J. Weller's.

  • Company C - William Keiter's, later W. Y. C. Humes', William C. Winston's.

  • Company D - W. H. Jackson's Battery, William W. Carnes', L. G. Marshall's.

  • Company E - Robert Sterling's Battery

  • Co. "F"-No record.

  • Company G - J. G. Anglade's Battery, later James A. Fisher's.

  • D. W. Hardin is the only man listed in the TN 1st Battery (Misc.) in the National Archives Records. He should probably be affilliated with this Battalion.

    There are no record on Companies "H", "I" and "K" except for Prisoner of War Rolls, which do not give the names of the captains.

    All of the above companies will be found in battery histories under the names of the last battery commander.
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