10th Confederate Cavalry Regiment



The 10th Confederate Cavalry Regiment was organized at Murfreesboro, by consolidating the battalions of Col. Charles T. Goode and Lt. Col. M. N. Slaughter*--the latter being the cavalry of Hilliard's Legion, which had passed through the Kentucky campaign. Brigaded under General Pegram, the 10th fought at Monticello, losing 8 killed, 19 wounded, and 62 captured. After operating in East Tennessee, the regiment raided into Kentucky and fought in a half dozen severe conflicts, losing 160 men in all. Surprised at Jimtown, the regiment lost about 50 men, mostly captured. At Chicamauga the 10th fought under Gen'l Forrest and again lost heavily. The regiment was often on picket and outpost duty. Placed in Wade's (afterwards Hume's and Robinson's) Brigade, Kelly's Division, with the First and Third Confederate and a Georgia and Louisiana regiment, the 10th lost heavily at Resaca and New Hope, then performed arduous duty during the Dalton-Atlanta campaign. It was in Wheeler's last raid, moving as far as Saltville, Virginia. Having returned to assist Gen'l John Bell Hood, the 10th proceded to the Carolinas and was engaged at Bentonville. It surrendered with Johnson's army, 300 strong.


Cols. C. T. Goode (Georgia; wounded, Chicamauga; retired); John B. Rudolph (Lowndes; resigned); William J. Vason (Georgia; wounded, Bentonville); Lt. Cols. M. M. Slaughter (Talladega; wounded, Cleveland; retired); William J. Vason (promoted); Majors John B. Rudolph (wounded, New Hope; promoted); T. F. Holt (Georgia); Adjutants John M. McKleroy (Barbour; transferred to line); Jos. E. Mitchell (Virginia; captured, Kentucky)


    Brigaded under General Pegram
    Wade's (afterwards Hume's and Robinson's) Brigade, Kelly's Division




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