7th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Duckworth's)

Historical Notes:
The Tennessee 7th Cavalry Regiment, formerly Jackson's 1st Tennessee Cavalry, was assembled in April, 1862. Its companies were from the counties of Shelby, Henry, Haywood, Fayette, Tipton, Hardeman, and Weakley. The unit served in F.C. Armstrong's, R. McCulloch's, Chalmer's, Slemons', J.J. Neely's, and E.W.Rucker's Brigade. It confronted the Federals in Mississippi, moved with Forrest to West Tennessee and Kentucky, then saw action in East Tennessee. Later the regiment participated in the Battles of Franklin and Nashville, and in 1865 skirmished in Alabama. It contained 696 effectives in July, 1862, had 210 present for duty in October, 1863, but very few surrendered at Gainesville, Alabama, in May, 1865. Officers:
Colonels William L. Duckworth, William H. Jackson, and John G. Stocks; Lieutenant Colonel William F. Taylor; and Major C.C. Clay. Assignments:
General Pillow’s 1st Division - Oct. 24, 1861
F.C. Armstrong's, R. McCulloch's, Chalmer's, Slemons', J.J. Neely's, and E.W.Rucker's Brigade.

Under General Villepigue June 3-5, 1862.

Under the command of Brigadier General Daniel Ruggles.

Brigadier General F. C. Armstrong's Brigade

In Major General Mansfield Lovell's Division.

Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana.

One company detached to go with Major General Earl Van Dorn, the remaining nine companies, 250 men, to remain with the Army of Mississippi.
Brigadier General J R. Chalmers: "Stocks' Regiment

Colonel R. McCulloch's Brigade

Colonel W. F. Slemon's Brigade

Brigadier General Forrest’s command

Colonel James J. Neely's Brigade

Colonel E. W. Rucker’s command

Neely's Brigade

Rucker's Brigade, in General Chalmer's Division.

Brigadier General A. W. Campbell's Brigade

Brigadier General W. H. Jackson's Division
Belmont, November 7, 1861
Medon – August 31, 1861

Britton's Lane - September 1, 1861

Battle of Corinth, October 3-4, 1881

Attack on Colonel Pickett's 21st Infantry Regiment and a regiment of cavalry commanded by Colonel Jackson at Union City, Tennessee - March 31, 1862

Confronted the Federals in Mississippi

Moved with Forrest to West Tennessee

Destroyed Federal stores at Paducah, Kentucky, April 1, 1862

Evacuation of Fort Pillow by forces under General Villepigue June 3-5, 1862

La Fayette Station, on the Memphis and Charleston Railroad - June 25, 1862.

Grenada, Mississippi - August 17, 1862.

Okolona, Mississippi - February 24, 1863

In March, the regiment accompanied General Forrest in his raid into West Kentucky, and on March 24 captured at Union City, Tennessee the 7th Tennessee Cavalry, U.S.A.,

Used for diversionary purposes around Brownsville, Tennessee

Battle of Tishomingo Creek
Battle of Harrisburg.
Raid into Middle Tennessee - Sept. 24 – Oct. 6
Capture of Athens, Alabama
Battle of Franklin
Rear guard for Hood's Army December 18-28, 1864

West Point, Mississippi

Tuscaloosa, Alabama - March 31, 1865

Scottsville, Alabama – April 1, 1865
Surrender of Forrest's forces at Gainesville, Alabama, May 12, 1865,
The roster of this unit contains the names of 2358 men.

William F. Taylor, Co. "A". Formerly "A", 6th Battalion. Men from Shelby County. Detached October, 1862 as Escort to General W. H. Jackson.
James P. Russell, Co. "B". Formerly "C", 6th Battalion . Men from Haywood, Fayette, and Tipton Counties. "Smyth Partisan Rangers." Detached as General Loring's Escort, fall of 1862.
S. P. Bassett, John T. Lawler, Co. "C". Formerly "F", 6th Battalion . Men from Shelby County.
L. W. Taliaferro, Co. "D". Formerly "D", 6th Battalion . Men from Haywood County
W. J. Tate, Co. "E". Formerly "B", 6th Battalion . Men from Hardeman County. Co. "F" consolidated with Co. "E" April, 1865.
Charles C. Clay, Co. "F". Formerly 2nd Mississippi-Alabama Cavalry Battalion. "The Forked Deer Rangers." Men from Crockett County. Enlisted November 4, 1861 by I. P Simmons. Consolidated with Co. "E" April, 1865. Men from Haywood County (now Crockett County).
John G. Stocks (to lieutenant colonel), F. F. Aden, Co. "G". "The Independent Rebel Rangers." Organized November 13, 1861. Men from Henry County.
H. C. McCutchen, Co. "H". Organized December 10, 1861. Men from Weakley County. Some men from Faulkner's 12th Kentucky Cavalry were paroled as part of this company Lafayette Hill, James R. Alexander, Co. "I". Organized March 15, 1862. Men from Tipton County.
Samuel T. Taylor, Co. "K". Organized March 18, 1862. Men from Shelby, Tipton and Fayette Counties. Became extinct September, 1862 by resignation of officers, and transfer of men to other companies.
James A. Taylor, Alex Duckworth, Co. "L". Organized April 15, 1862. Men from Haywood County. "The Western Rangers."
J. G. Haywood, B. T. Davis, Co. "M". Organized April 16, 1862. Men from Haywood and Lauderdale Counties. Detached as Escort Company, fall of 1862.
Note: These were the first twelve companies. In February, 1865, Captain James A. Anderson's 2nd Co. "D" of the 2nd Mississippi Partisan Rangers Regiment was attached to the regiment as 2nd Co. "K".
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