8th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Smith's)

Historical Notes:
The Tennessee 8th (Baxter Smith's) Cavalry Regiment, usually called 4th Regiment, was organized in November, 1862, but annulled. Reoraganized in January, 1863, by consolidating Davis' Tennessee Cavalry Battalion and four companies from Murray's Cavalry Regiment, its ten companies contained men recruited in the counties of Marshall, Sullivan, Smith, Wilson, Cannon, Rutherford, Hamilton, Fentress, Davidson, DeKalb, and Sumner. Another company was added in August with men from Knox and Blount counties. It lost about 100 men skirmishing in Tennessee, then was active in the Battle of Chickamauga. Later the unit moved with Wheeler to Middle Tennessee, was with Longstreet in East Tennessee, then returned to Georgia where it took part in the Atlanta Campaign. The unit continued the fight in East Tennessee and Virginia, and saw action in the campaign of the Carolinas. It surrendered with the Army of Tennessee. Officers:
• Baxter Smith
Lieutenant Colonel:
• Paul F. Anderson
• Willis S. Bledsoe
Wharton's, Biffle's, Dibrell's, and T. Harrison's Brigade.
Skirmishes in Tennessee
Chickamauga, GA
Knoxville, TN
The Atlanta Campaign
Skirmishes in East Tennessee and Virginia
The Carolinas Campaign
>a href="../battles/aiken.htm">Aiken, SC (Feb. 9, 1865)
The roster of this unit contains the names of 2111 men.

David W. Alexander, Co. "A". "The Marshall Rangers." Organized June 8, 1861 at Nashville. Men from Marshall County.
Cyrus H. Ingle, Co. "B". "The McClellan Troop." Formerly Co. "F", 5th Battalion; then in Spiller's Battalion; then Co. "C", 4th (Murray's) Regiment. Men from Sullivan County.
Francis Cunningham, George C. Moore, Co. "C". Formerly Co. "H", 4th (Murray's) Regiment. Men from Smith County.
James M. Phillips, Co. "D" (also called "E"). Formerly in Davis' Battalion. Men from Dekalb and Wilson Counties.
H. A. Wiley, Co. "E". Men from Cannon County. Formerly in Davis' Battalion..
James R. Lester, Co. "F". Formerly in Davis' Battalion. Men from Wilson County.
Jonathan W. Nichol, Co. "G". Formerly in Davis' Battalion. Men from Cannon and Rutherford Counties.
Samuel H. Clover, Co. "H" (also called "D"). Formerly Co. "B", 5th Battalion, then in Spiller's Battalion; then Co. "I", 4th (Murray's) Regiment. Men from Hamilton County and Alabama.
R. H. Anderson, Co. "I". Formerly Co. "F", 4th (Murray's) Regiment. Men from Fentress County.
Paul F. Anderson (to lieutenant colonel), James H. Britton, Co. "K". "Cedar Snags." "Paul's People." Organized July 1, 1862 at McMinnville, Warren County. Men from Davidson, DeKalb, Sumner and Wilson Counties. Formerly Escort Company for General Wharton, July 1 to September 1, 1862. Later Escort Company to General Hood, Ma?ch 1864.
These were the original ten companies. On August 1, 1863, another company was assigned as Co. "L", Captain John I. Parton (or Partin). Organized September 20, 1862 at Knoxville. Men from Blount and Knox Counties. Formerly part of Hardy's Squadron, Escort to General John P. McCown.
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