8th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

Historical Notes:
The Tennessee 8th Infantry Regiment was organized at Camp Trousdale, Sumner County, Tennessee, in May, 1861. Its members were recruited in the counties of Smith, Overton, Lincoln, Fentress, Putnam, Jackson, Moore, and Marshall. Ordered to Virginia, the unit arrived at Huntersville in July with 887 men. Assigned to D.S. Donelson's Brigade, it participated in Lee's Cheat Mountain Campaign, then was sent to Port Royal, South Carolina. During the spring of 1862, it moved west, fought at Corinth, Munfordville, and Perryville, then joined the Army of Tennessee. During the war it was attached to M.J. Wright's and Maney's Brigade. The 8th took an active part in the campaigns of the army from Murfreesborough to Atlanta, returned to Tennessee with Hood, and saw action in North Carolina. It reported 38 casualties at Perryville, lost sixty-five percent of the 474 engaged at Murfreesboro, and took 260 into the fight at Chickamauga. During December, 1863, it totalled 233 men and 207 arms. Only a remnant surrendered on April 26, 1865. Officers:
John H. Anderson
Alfred S. Fulton
William Lawson Moore
L. W. Oglesby
Lieutenant Colonels:
Andrew G. Ewing
Christopher C. McKinney
William Lawson Moore
John H. Anderson
William H. Botts
William G. Burford
Christopher C. McKinney
Assigned to D. S. Donelson's Brigade
Attached to M.J. Wright's and Maney's Brigade
Cheat Mountain Campaign
Corinth, Mississippi
Perryville, Kentucky
Chickamauga, September 19-20, 1863
Missionary Ridge, November 24-25, 1863
Atlanta Campaign
Rocky Face - May 9, 1864
Nashville - December 15-16, 1864
The Carolina’s Campaign
Greensboro, NC
The roster of this unit contains the names of 1856 men.

All company letters were changed at the reorganization of May 8, 1862, and those shown are the letters used after reorganization, with the prior numbers indicated.
William G. Burford, I. A. McCall, J. A. McCall, D. O. Puryear, Co. "A", formerly "I". Men from Smith County.
Tim S. McHenry, James C. Chowning, W. B. Petty, Co. "B", formerly "F". Men from Overton County.
A. M. Hall, B. E. Malear, William H. Blake, William D. Bonds, Co. "C", formerly "B". Men from Lincoln County.
George W. Higgins, M. C. Shook, T. A. Yant, Co. "D", formerly "G". "The Norris Creek Guards." Men from Lincoln County.
Bane McKinney, N. M. Bearden, J. S. Brown, Co. "E", formerly "C" "The Comargo Guards." Men from Lincoln County.
Calvin E. Meyers, James I. Cullom, Co. "F", formerly "D". Men from Overton County, some from Fentress County.
William Gore, William Sadler, John S. Quarles, Co. "G", formerly "K". Men from Jackson County, some from Putnam County. A number of men from this company later enlisted in Co. "E", 4th (Murray's) Cavalry Regiment.
L. T. Armstrong, A. J. B. Walker, J. B. Overstreet, Thomas Jefferson Davis, Co. "H", formerly "E". Men from Celina, Jackson County (now Clay County).
James L. Bryant, Ben B. Bowers, James M. McAfee, Co. "I", formerly "A". Men from Marshall County.
William Lawson Moore, W. J. Thrash, John D. Tolley, Moses B. Shores, Co. "K", formerly "H". "The Mulberry Riflemen." Men from Lincoln and Moore Counties.
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