9th Battalion, Tennessee Cavalry (Gantt's)

Historical Notes:
The Tennessee 9th Cavalry Battalion was organized and mustered into Confederate service at Camp Maury, near Nashville, Tennessee, in December, 1861. Its six companies were from Maury, Hickman, and Wayne counties. A seventh company, made up of transfers and men from Hickman County, was added in October, 1864. The unit was assigned to the Western Department, and all but Company C were captured in the fight at Fort Donelson. They were exchanged in September, 1862, remounted in January, 1863, and attached to W.Adams, H.B. Davidson's, Humes', and H.M. Ashby's Brigade. The battalion skirmished the Federals in Mississippi and Louisiana, was involved in the Atlanta Campaign and the defense of Savannah, then part served with Wheeler in Georgia and part in Tennessee. After various engagements in the Carolinas, it surrendered with the Army of Tennessee. Officers:
Lieutenant Colonel George Gantt, and Majors James H. Akin and B.W. Porter. Assignments:
W.Adams, H.B. Davidson's, Humes', and H.M. Ashby's Brigade. Battles:
Aiken - Feb. 11, 1865
The roster of this unit contains the names of 1216 men.

George Gantt (to lieutenant colonel), Joseph N. Walker, Frank Jay McLean, Co. “A”. Men from Maury County.
Bradshaw W. Porter (to major), John B. Galloway, Robert N. Moore, Co. “B”. Men from Maury County.
Vernon F. Bibb, George W. Mayberry, Co. “C”. Men from Maury and Hickman Counties. Not captured at Fort Donelson, and served temporarily as Company “G”, 2nd (Biffie’s) Battalion.
Robert N. Whitson, Jeremiah Green, Eli A. Hornbeak, Co. “D”. Men from Hickman County.
James H. Akin (to major), Adley B. Biffie, Co. “E”. Men from Maury County.
Thomas D. Whitehead, W. L. Bromley, Co. “F”. Men from Wayne County.
Archie A. Lipscomb, Co. “G”. Organized October 1, 1864, by the transfer of 24 men from Company “C”, 11 men from the Maury Artillery (Sparkman’s Battery) plus recruits mainly from Hickman County.
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