9th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

Historical Notes:
The Tennessee 9th Infantry Regiment was organized May 22, 1861 at Jackson, Tennessee; reorganized May 8, 1862; consolidated into a field organization with 6th Tennessee, December 1862; formed part of Company “E”, 1st Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment April 9, 1865; paroled at Greensboro, North Carolina on May 1, 1865. At Chickamauga On April 26, 1865, the 9th Regiment surrendered about 40 men. Officers:
Colonels James D. Bennett and William W. Ward, Lieutenant Colonel R.A. Alston, and Major Richard McCann. Assignments:
The roster of this unit contains the names of 1552 men.

Company A - Captain Henry L. Douglass, W.S. (or H.) Scott, G.W. Parritt, (or Parrott), W.N. Wilkerson, C.N. Kerr, J.B. Locke - "The Dancyville Grays" - Men from Haywood County, and Fayette County.
Company B - Captain Robert S. Russell, J.W. Hubbard - "The haywood Rifles" - Men from Brownsville, Haywood County.
Company C - Captain David J. Wood, Charles B. Simonton, James I. Hall - "Southern Confederates" - Men from Clopton's Camp Ground, Tipton County.
Company D - Captain Charles S. Hurt, W.H. Morgan, Henry C. Irby - Men from Haywood County and Hardeman Counties.
Company E - Captain Thomas Epperson, John Brown, R.H. Harrison - Men from Shelby County.
Company F - Captain Samuel H. White, J.M. Park, unius L. Hall, F.A. Harris - "The Middleton Tigers" - Men from Hardeman County.
Company G - Captain Bradford Edwards, A.C. Gardner, A.M. Boyd - "The Hickory Blues" - Men from Weakley County.
Company H - Captain John W. Buford, J.W. McDonald - "The Obion Avalanche" - Men from Troy, Obion County.
Company I - Captain H.A. Rogers, D.E. Cox, Samuel P. Rose - "The Memphis Rangers" - Men from Memphis, Shelby County.
Company K - Captain Joe C. Marley, P.N. Conner - Men from Lauderdale County.
Company L - Captain W.J. Lyle - "The Dancyville Rebels" - Men from Haywood County.
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