11th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

Historical Notes:
The Tennessee 11th Infantry Regiment was organized at Camp Cheatham, Tennessee, in May, 1861. Its companies were recruited in the following counties: Humphreys, Dickson, Davidson, Cheatham, Robertson, and Hickman. In July the unit contained 880 effectives, moved to Kentucky, then skirmished at Cumberland Gap and Tazewell. Later it joined the Army of Tennessee and served in P.Smith's, Vaughan's, and Palmer's Brigade. The 11th participated in the campaigns of the army from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, endured Hood's winter operations, and fought in North Carolina. It reported 8 killed, 64 wounded, and 11 missing at Murfreesboro and 8 killed and 44 wounded at Chickamauga. In December, 1863, it totalled 340 men and 267 arms. After the Atlanta Campaign the regiment was consolidated with the 29th Regiment and was included in the surrender on April 26, 1865. Officers:
George W. Gordon
James A. Long
James E. Rains
Lieutenant Colonels:
Thomas P. Bateman
William R. Thedford
Howell Webb
George W. Gordon
James A. Long
John E. Binns
William Green
Hugh R. Lucas
Philip Van Horn Weems
P. Smith's, Vaughan's, and Palmer's Brigade.
Laurel Bridge, Kentucky September 26, 1861
Rockcastle or Wildcat, Kentucky October 21, 1861
Engagements at Cumberland Gap, Tennessee March 22, April 28, April 29, 1862
Tazewell, Tennessee August 6, 1862
Murfreesboro or Stone's River, Tennessee December 31, 1862
Chickamauga, Georgia September 19-20, 1863
Missionary Ridge, Tennessee November 25, 1863
Resaca, Georgia May 14, 1864
Adairsville, Georgia May 17, 1864
New Hope Church, Georgia May 27, 1864
Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia June 27, 1864
Peachtree Creek, Georgia July 20, 1864
Atlanta, Georgia July 22, 1864
Jonesboro, Georgia August 31-September 1, 1864
Lovejoy Station, Georgia September 2-5, 1864
Spring Hill, Tennessee November 29, 1864
Franklin, Tennessee November 30, 1864
Nashville, Tennessee December 15-16, 1864
Bentonville, North Carolina March 21, 1865
Most of the companies had two different letters, one when mustered into state service, the other when accepted into Confederate service. The letters shown below are the final letters, with the original letters indicated.
Josiah H. Pitts, William I. White, Co. "A", formerly "G". Men from Humphreys County.
J. Richard McCann, Edward W. Clark, Co. "B", formerly "F". "The Cheatham Rifles." Men from Davidson County.
William R. Green, William H. McCanley, Co. "C", formerly "C". Men from Dickson County.
George Maney, James E. Rains, John E. Biuns, Co. "D", formerly "A". "The Hermitage Guards." Men from Davidson County.
William J. Mallory, Robert A. W. James, Co. "E", formerly "E". Men from Dickson and Cheatham Counties.
James A. Long, James H. Darden, Jerrie Batts, Co. "F", formerly "D". Men from Robertson County.
Samuel C. Godshall, Edward J. Guilford, James G. Stevens, Co. "G", formerly "B". "The Beauregard Light Infantry." Men from Davidson County.
Thomas P. Bateman, Philip Van Horn Weems, 3. H. Johnson, Co. "H", formerly "I".Men from Hickman County.
Hugh R. Lucas, John D. Woodward, George W. Gordon, Isaac P. Young, Co. "I" formerly "K". "The Ghebers." Men from Humphreys County.
William R. Thedford, Franklin F. Tidwell, Co. "K", formerly "H". Men from Dickson County.

The roster of this unit contains the names of 1930 men.

The roster of the 11th/24th (29th?) Consolidated Regiment contains the name of one man. He does not appear in the roster of either regiment before consolidation.

Randolph, J. Company D. Rank in Private. Rank out Lieutenant
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