12th Battalion, Tennessee Cavalry (Day's)

Historical Notes:
The Tennessee 12th Cavalry Battalion was formed in September, 1862, with four companies, later increased to seven. Its members were raised in Hawkins, Greene, Knox, Hamblem, and Grainger counties. The unit was assigned to Wharton's, J.J. Morrison's, H.B. Davidson's, Grigsby's, and Vaughn's Brigade. It fought at Perryville, Murfreesboro,and Monticello. Then from June, 1863, to March, 1864, the 12th and 16th Battalions were consolidated into a field organization known as Rucker's Legion. This command was active at Chickamauga and in Tennessee, and on January 31, 1864, totalled 171 effectives. During April, 1864, the 12th had 234 members and moved into the Valley of Virginia where it was engaged at Piedmont. The unit went on to skirmish in Virginia and East Tennessee, moved to North Carolina, and probably disbanded in Georgia during the spring of 1865. Officers:
Lieutenant Colonels:
• Thomas W. Adrian
• George W. Day
• Frank Leeper Phipps
Tennesseeans in the Civil War lists all of these men as Majors with no Lieutenant Colonel over this Battalion.
Assigned to Wharton's, J.J. Morrison's, H.B. Davidson's, Grigsby's, and Vaughn's Brigade.
Brigadier General A. E. Jackson's Brigade (January 1863)
Field Consolidation with the TN 16th Cavalry Battalion to form Rucker’s Legion. (June 1863)
Brigadier General H. B. Davidson's Brigade, of Pegram's Division. Rucker's Legion was then placed in Colonel J. Warren Grigsby's Brigade, Brigadier General John H. Kelly's Division, of Major General Joseph Wheeler's Cavalry Corps (September 1863)
Monticello, Kentucky (May 2, 1862)
Skirmishes in Tennessee
Skirmishes in Virginia
Skirmishes in East Tennessee
The roster of this unit contains the names of 1323 men.

CAPTAINS-Clinton D. Lyon, Frank L. Phipps (to major), Co. "A". Organized May 21, 1862 at Lyon's Store, Hawkins County.
John Q. Arnold, John S. Fitzpatrick, Co. "B". Organized June 28, 1862 at Greeneville, Greene County.
George W. Day (to major), L. I. Jennings, Co. "C". Organized August 27, 1862 at Camp Adian, Hawkins County.
D. C. Jackson, James H. Morris, P. H. Thornburg, Co. "D". Organized September 1, 1862 at Morristown, then Grainger, now Hamblen County.
Leslie T. Hardy, Co. "E". Organized September 27, 1862 at Knoxville, Knox County.
William R. Neilson, Co. "F". Organized September 1, 1863 at Caney Branch, Greene County.
J.J. Harrell, Co. "G". Originally Lieutenant Harrell's Company Local Defense Troops (Grainger County). Organized July 27, 1863 at Thorn Hill. Attached to 12th Battalion in October, 1864.
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