13th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Gore's)

Historical Notes:
The Tennessee 13th Cavalry Regiment, usually called Dibrell's 8th Cavalry, was organized in September, 1862, as a partisan ranger command. Its twelve companies were from Overton, Putnam, White, and Jackson counties. The regiment was assigned to Forrest's, Humes', Biffle's, and Dibrell's Brigade. It fought at Parker's Cross Roads , skirmished in Alabama and Georgia, then was engaged at Chickamauga . Later the unit was involved in the Atlanta Campaign, saw action at Saltville in Virginia, took part in the defense of Savannah, and participated in the conflicts at Averyboro and Bentonville . The unit served as President Davis' escort and surrendered at Washington, Georgia, on May 2, 1865. Officers:
Colonels George G. Dibrell and Mounce L. Gore (Great grandfather of Vice President Al Gore), Lieutenant Colonel F.H. Daugherty, and Majors William P. Chapin and Jeffrey E. Forrest. Assignments:
Wharton's, Biffle's, Dibrell's, and T. Harrison's Brigade. Battles:
Neely’s Bend (Above Nashville) Oct. 15, 1862
Forrest’s West Tennessee Raid Dec. 11, 1862-Jan. 3, 1863
Jackson, Tennessee Dec. 19, 1862
Parker’s Crossroads, Tennessee Dec. 31, 1862
Northern Alabama Operations Mar.-Apr. 1863
Sparta, Tennessee Aug. 9, 1863
Sparta, Tennessee Aug. 17, 1863
Chickamauga, Georgia Sept. 18-23, 1863
Chattanooga Siege Sep.-Nov. 1863
Philadelphia, Tennessee Oct. 20, 1863
Knoxville Siege Nov.-Dec. 1863
Mossy Creek, Tennessee Dec. 29, 1863
Dandridge, Tennessee Jan. 17, 1864
Fair Garden, Tennessee Jan. 28, 1864
Atlanta Campaign May-Sept. 1864
Resaca, Georgia May 13-15, 1864
Cartersville, Georgia May 20, 1864
New Hope Church, Georgia May 25-26, 1864
Dallas, Georgia May 28, 1864
Calhoun, Georgia Jun. 10, 1864
Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia Jun. 27, 1864
Chattahoochee River, Georgia Jun. 4-9, 1864
Peachtree Creek, Georgia Jul. 20, 1864
Dalton, Georgia Aug. 14-15, 1864
Saltville, Virginia Oct. 3, 1864
Savannah Campaign Nov.-Dec. 1864
Carolinas Campaign Feb.-Apr. 1865
Rivers Bridge, South Carolina Feb. 3, 1865
Battle of Aiken Feb. 11, 1865
Averysboro, North Carolina Mar. 16, 1865
Bentonville, North Carolina Mar. 19-21, 1865
Beulah, North Carolina Apr. 11, 1865
The roster of this unit contains the names of 1524 men.

Company A – Overton County
Company B - Overton County
Company C - Cookeville, Putnam County
Company D - Sparta, White County
Company E - Overton County
Company F - Overton County
Company G - Jackson County
Company H - White County
Company I - White County
Company K - White County
Company L
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