14th Cavalry Regiment



    The Tennessee 14th Cavalry Regiment (Neely's)[also called 13th Regiment] was recruited behind Federal lines in Hardeman, Gibson, Madison, Haywood, and Crockett counties. It was organized at Okolona, Mississippi, in August, 1863, with only 400 men, as some were captured before they could reach the Confederate lines. The unit was assigned to R.V. Richardson's and Rucker's Brigade, and skirmished in West Tennessee and Mississippi. Later it was active with Forrest in Middle Tennessee, supported Hood's operations, moved into Mississippi, and ended the war in Alabama. The regiment surrendered with the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana.


    Colonel James J. Neely, Lieutenant Colonel Raleigh R. White, and Major J. Gwynn Thurmond.




CAPTAINS-Raleigh R. White (to lieutenant colonel), S. I. Cox, Co. "A". "White's Guerillas." Organized February, 1862 at Ripley, Mississippi, with men from Hardeman County, Tennessee. Formerly 2nd Co. "G", 1st Mississippi Partisan Rangers Regiment.

Thomas Henry Turner (to surgeon), John H. Deberry, Co. "B". Organized July, 1863 in Gibson County.

Zilman Voss, Co. "C". Organized July 10, 1863 at Medon, Madison County. "Tennessee Mounted Riflemen."

G. T. Nowell, L. A. Thomas, Co. "D". Organized June 8, 1863 at Jones Depot, Haywood County, and Bell's Depot, Crockett County, with some men from Fayette County.

Charles R. Harris, Co. "E". Organized July 20, 1863 at Gadsden, Crockett County.

Hugh D. Greer, Co. "F". Organized July 8, 1863 at Denmark, Madison County.

J. Gwynn Thurmond, E. W. Jacobs, Co. "G". Organized July 6, 1863 in Hardeman County.

A. C. Reid, Co. "H". Men from Madison County.

L. A. Thomas, Co. "I". Organized June 20, 1863 at Dancyville, Haywood County. "The Dancyville Grays."

_____ Ray, Co. "K". No rolls. Cut off by evacuation of West Tennessee.

W. J. Hall, 2nd Co. "K". Organized September 1, 1863 in Hardeman County, and assigned to regiment to replace 1st Company "K".

At the reorganization February 4, 1864, the following changes were made:

Co. "E" Broken up. Captain Harris deprived of command. Some men to Co. "B".

Co. "F" Broken up. Captain Greer deprived of command. Some men to Co. "C".

Co. "G" Became 2nd Co. "E".

Co. "H" Became 2nd Co. "G".

Co. "I" Broken up. Captain Thomas and men transferred to Co. "D".

2nd Co. "K" Became 2nd Co. "F".

The following companies were added:

2nd Co. "H" Captain James Gwyne. From 17th (Marshall's) Regiment. Men from Moscow and Somerville, Fayette County.

2nd Co. "I" Captain E. S. Elliott. Organized February, 1864, composed of men recruited by Colonel Neely in November, 1863. Men from Brownsville, Haywood County.

3rd Co. "K" Captain E.G. Owen. From 17th (Marshall's) Regiment. Recruited in October, 1863 from Brownsville and Dancyville, Haywood County.


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