17th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

Historical Notes:
The Tennessee 17th Infantry Regiment was organized at Camp Trousdale, Sumner County, Tennessee, in June, 1861, with 914 men. Its companies were raised in the counties of Bedford, Marshall, Franklin, Moore, Coffee, Jackson, and Putnam. It served at Cumberland Gap, then moved to Kentucky where it was engaged at Rock Castle and Fishing Creek . Later the unit was ordered to Mississippi and assigned to A.T. Hawthorn's Brigade. Returning to Kentucky attached to B.R. Johnson's Brigade, it fought at Perryville , then joined the Army of Tennessee. After fighting at Murfreesboro and Chickamauga , the regiment was consolidated with the 23rd Infantry. This command was sent to Knoxville, then Virginia where it saw action at Drewry's Bluff , took its place in the Petersburg trenches, and, assigned to McComb's Brigade, ended the war at Appomattox . The 17th totalled 547 effectives in June, 1862, lost forty-one percent of the 598 at Murfreesboro, and had fifty-two percent disabled of the 249 at Chickamauga. It surrendered 5 officers and 63 men on April 9, 1865. Officers:
Tazewell W. Newman
T. C. H. Miller
Albert S. Marks
T. C. H. Miller
Watt W. Floyd
Abraham L. Landis
Albert S. Marks
James C. Davis
A.T. Hawthorn's Brigade
McComb's Brigade
Cumberland Gap
Rock Castle
Fishing Creek
Drewry's Bluff
Petersburg siege
The roster of this unit contains the names of 2438 men.

Co. "A" - Bedford County, TN.
Co. "B" - Bedford County, TN.
Co. "C" - Marshall County, TN.
Co "D" - Franklin County, TN
Co. "E" - Franklin County, TN.
Co. "F" - Bedford County, TN and Marshall County, TN.
Co. "G" - Coffee Co., TN.
Co. "H" - Marshall Co., TN.
Co. "I" - Franklin Co., TN and Jackson Co. AL.
Co. "K" - Jackson County, TN and Putnam Co., TN.
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