19th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Consolidated)

Historical Notes:
The Tennessee 19th (Biffle’s) Cavalry Regiment, usually known as Biffle’s 9th Cavalry, was organized October 23, 1862. The men were from the counties of Wayne, Lawrence, Maury, Perry, Lewis, and Madison.

The regiment was consolidated with at least a dozen different commands during the war, but specifically in the late fall and early winter of 1864 – 65 was ordered consolidated with Holman’s, Biffle’s, Wheeler’s Regiments, the 9th Battalion, and 1st Confederate Regiment into four regiments which composed one brigade.” On January 19, 1865 in compliance with this order, Chalmers consolidated the 10th and 19th Regiments. On January 20th, Forrest instructed Chalmers: “You will retain Holman’s, DeMoss’s, Biffle’s and Russell’s Regiments and release all other parts of regiments and detachments whose commands may be in Georgia.”

The roster in this book thus represents one of the latest lists of men who served under Forrest / Chalmers and probably post dates the battles of Franklin and Nashville.
Jacob Barnett Biffle
Lieutenant Colonel:
Albert G. Cooper
Barclay Martin
J.B. Biffle's and Dibrell's Brigade
Forrest’s Brigade
Starne’s Brigade
Gen. Wheeler’s Corps
Major General W. T. Martin's Cavalry Division
Brig. General John H. Kelly's Division of Wheeler's Corps
Brig. General Tyree H. Bell's Brigade
Jackson, (December 19, 1862)
Parker's Cross Roads (December 31, 1862)
Thompson's Station
Brentwood (March 25, 1863)
Chapel Hill (April 10, 1863)
Savannah (May 29, 1863)
Skirmishes in Tennessee
The Atlanta Campaign
Forrest's operations during Hood's Campaign
The roster of this unit contains the names of 1155 men.

J. J. Biffle, Co. "A". Organized August 10, 1862 at Ashland, Wayne County.
James M. Reynolds, Co. "B". Organized August 24, 1862 in Wayne County.
C. F. Barnes, Co. "C". Organized August 25, 1862 in Wayne County.
Lewis M. Kirk, Co. "D". Organized August 31, 1862 in Maury County. Men from Lawrence County.
Gid J. Adkisson, Co. "E". Organized September 4, 1862 at Columbia, Maury County.
J. W. Johnson, Robert D. Anderson, Co. "F". Organized September 30, 1862 at Leatherwood, Wayne County. Men from Perry County.
John S. Groves, Co. "G". Men from Maury County.
Thomas S. Beatty, Co. "H". Men from Lewis and Perry Counties.
J. H. CuIp, Co. "I". Organized September 10, 1862 in Wayne County.
R. M. Sharp, Co. "K". Men from Gibson, Henderson and Wayne Counties.
R. P. Ford, Co. "L". Organized July 11, 1863 at Jackson, Madison County.
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