Texas 17th Infantry Regiment (Allen's)

HISTORICAL NOTES: The Texas 16th Cavalry Regiment was organized at Dallas in Early 1862. It was subsequently dismounted in April 1862, but evidently kept the Cavalry name. FIELD OFFICERS: Colonel:
Robert T.P. Allen
Lieutenant Colonel:
George W. Jones - Promoted to Colonel
Joseph Z. Miller – Promoted to Colonel
J. W. Tabor
D. Port Smythe
Assistant Surgeon:
R. H. Lewis
Assistant Commissary:
Cyrus Coffy
T. M. Hunt
ASSIGNMENTS: January - February 1862 - Assigned to the Department of Texas
February - May 1862 - Assigned to the Eastern District of Texas, Department of Texas.
May - August 1862 - Assigned to Eastern District of Texas, Department of Trans Mississippi.
BATTLES: • Miliken's Bend June 7th, 1863
• Red River Campaign March-May 1864
• Camden Expedition March-May 1864
• Mansfield April 8th, 1864
• Pleasant Hill April 9th,1864
• Jenkins Ferry April 30th, 1864
ROSTERS: • Company A
o Captain, R. D. Allen (Major)
o 1st Lieut. John E. Martin
o 2nd Lieut. O.H.P. Garrett
o 2nd Lieut. I.C. Douglas
• Company B
o Captain I.Z. Miller
o 1st Lieut. Ciceo Nash
o 2nd Lieut Samuel Fleming
o 2nd Lieut. Chas Keton
• Company C
o Captain Thomas H. Gutlin
o 1st Lieut. B.T. Middleton
o 2nd Lieut. Geo G. Tucker
o 2nd Lieut. I.M. Fort
• Company D
o Captain H. Ryan
o 1st Lieut . A.J. Ridge
o 2nd Lieut. A. Boyce
o 2nd Lieut. L.T. Duson
• Company E.
o Captain Seth Mabey
o 1st Lieut J. M. Young
o 2nd Lieut. Geo. W. Miller
o 2nd Lieut. w. Rice
• Company F
o Captain E.P. Petty
o 1st Lieut. J.S. Cunningham
o 2nd Lieut. H.N. Little
o 2nd Lieut. H. McLester
• Company G
o Captain W. J. Maltby
o 1st Lieut. C. M. Smith
o 2nd Lieut. D. V. Grant
o 2nd Lieut O. W. Wimberly
• Company H
o Captain C. A. Sabath
o 1st Lieut. E. Kollmaner
o 2nd Lieut. J.C. Douglas
o 2nd Lieut. W.B. Rover
• Company I
o Captain John Smith
o 1st Lieut. J. Jalonick
o 2nd Lieut. R. H. Taylor
o 2nd Lieut. Jno. W. Houston
• Company K
o Captain S.J. P. McDowell
o 1st Lieut. J. B. Long
o 2nd Lieut. E.H. Rogan
o 2nd Lieut. B.F. Luce
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