21st Regiment, Texas Cavalry (1st Texas Lancers)

HISTORICAL NOTES: The Texas 21st Cavalry Regiment [also called 1st Texas Lancers] was organized during the spring of 1862, with about 800 men. They were from Parker, Dallas, Bell, and Austin counties. It was assigned to Hawes', Cooper's, Steele's, and Lane's Brigade in the Trans-Mississippi Department. The unit was active in Marmaduke's Missouri Raid, then skirmished in various conflicts in Louisiana where a detachment reported 5 killed and 4 wounded at Calcasieu Pass. Later it saw action in Arkansas. The 21st disbanded before the surrender in June, 1865. FIELD OFFICERS: Colonel George W. Carter, Lieutenant Colonel DeWitt C. Giddings, and Major Benjamin D. Chenoweth ASSIGNMENTS: BATTLES: ROSTERS: Bibliography for Research:

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