Texas 5th Cavalry Regiment Partisan Rangers

HISTORICAL NOTES: Mann's Cavalry Regiment, formerly Bradford's Cavalry Regiment, was organized during January, 1865. This unit served in the defense of Galveston and in March contained 29 officers and 361 men. It was included in the surrender on June 2. FIELD OFFICERS: Leonidas M. Martin (Colonel)
William M. Weaver (Lieutenant Colonel)
William N. Mayrant (Major)
ASSIGNMENTS: April-October 1863 Assigned to Cooper's Brigade, Steele's Division, District of Arkansas, Trans-Mississippi Department
October 1863-July 1864 Assigned to Indian Territory, Trans-Mississippi Department
July 1864 Assigned to the District of Indian Territory, Trans-Mississippi Department
September 1864 Assigned to Gano's Brigade, Cooper's (Indian) Division, District of the Indian Territory, Trans-Mississippi Department
September 1864-February Assigned to the 5th (Gano's) Texas Cavalry Brigade, 2nd (Maxey's) Texas Cavalry Division, 1st Corps, Trans-Mississippi
February Assigned to Northern Sub-district, District of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, Trans-Mississippi Department
February-April 1865 Assigned to 3rd Texas Infantry Brigade, 1st (Forney's) Texas Infantry Division, 1st Corps, Trans- Mississippi Department
April-May 1865 Assigned to Robertson's Brigade, Maxey's Division, District of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, Trans- Mississippi Department
BATTLES: • Fort Gibson, Indian Territory (skirmish) May 1863
• Honey Springs, Indian Territory July 17, 1863
• Perryville, Indian Territory, (skirmish) August 26, 1863
• Massard Prairie, near Fort Smith, Arkansas [detachment] July 27, 1864
• Cabin Creek, Indian Territory September 19, 1864
ROSTERS: The Texas 5th Cavalry Regiment, Partisan Rangers was organized by the consolidation of the 9th Partisan Rangers Battalion and the 10th Cavalry Battalion. Bibliography for Research:

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