1st Battalion, Texas Cavalry State Troops (6 months, 1863-1864)





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Adkins, John E.
Alexander, G.B.
Alexander, G.T.
Alternate Name:G.B./Alexander
Alison, T.G.
Anderson, W.H.
Anderson, William
Arlidge, J.P.
Arthur, S.
Ashmore, S.
Austin, W. C.
Bailey, James
Baker, A. H.
Banks, T. J.
Barr, Wade
Blakey, T. S.
Blalock, R. W.
Blocker, W. P.
Bohile, C. C.
Bolles, C. E.
Boyd, H.
Bradbury, C. G.
Bradley, William R.
Brightwell, A. J.
Britton, T. F.
Bryan, Decater
Bryd, John
Alternate Name:John/Byron
Bullock, S. N.
Burke, J. W.
Busby, James
Byron, John
Byrone, John
Alternate Name:John/Byron
Campbell, J. H.
Campbell, W. B.
Canterbury, L. B.
Carrington, H. W.
Carrington, Perry
Cheny, Josh
Cherino, Louis
Chilcoat, C. C.
Childers, J. T.
Clark, T. E.
Cone, W. R.
Conger, H.
Council, A.
Crawford, V.
Crawford, W. H.
Cupp, A.
Darnall, W. H.
Davis, W. J.
Denman, W. L.
Denny, David
Donegan, M.
Donohoo, W. R.
Douglass, G. W.
Duckett, W. J.
Duncan, R. J.
Estes, Bethlehem
Evans, Clark H.
Evans, H. C.
Alternate Name:Clark H./Evans
Field, Drury
Finch, Matt S.
Fite, John W.
Fore, W.
Foster, J.P.
Garner, J.T.
Alternate Name:Ed/Lewis
Garrett, Thomas W.
Garrett, Tom A.
Gibbins, E.K.
Gillis, Malcom
Gorem, S. D.
Graham, J. J.
Grantham, Daniel
Graves, S. J.
Grisham, William
Hadiburg, A.L.
Hagler, R.
Hamilton, Isaiah
Hamilton, J.T.
Hamilton, William
Hardeman, B.
Harris, B.B.
Hartsfield, J.R.
Haunster, John
Hays, John R.
Hicks, A.W.V.
Holland, D.D.
Holt, J.M.
Hoskins, P.H.
Hubbard, Thomas
Hull, E.S.
Hull, T.P.
Hutchinson, A.J.
Hyde, A.G.
Hyde, S.M.
Jackson, D.
Jennings, Thomas
Johnson, William M.
Jolly, Richard
Jones, John S.
Jones, S. D.
Jones, T. B.
Kelsey, E.
King, J. L.
Kuykendall, M.
Lafleur, Antonio
Lamb, William
Lawless, B. L.
Lewis, Ed
Lindsay, J. P.
Lout, M. V.
Lowe, Wiley
Maddox, J. J.
Mallory, George W.
Malty, R. F.
Mann, W. P.
May, N. D.
Mays, William
McCartney, W. W.
McClaran, A. J.
McGee, J. C.
McKay, D.
McKay Jr., W. O.
McKnight, J. K.
Meredith, William
Middleton, J. R.
Miller, J. P.
Minton, James
Mize, L. G.
Montgomery, A.
Moorer, J. D.
Motley, R. H.
Nerren, George
Newsom, J. F.
Oden, J.
Oliphant, Robert
Oliver, William M.
Page, M.
Parish, W. R.
Parker, J. M.
Parker, John
Alternate Name:J. M./Parker
Patch, J. H.
Paterson, William
Patton, A. B.
Perry, Lewis
Pickard, H. T.
Plummer, J. E.
Poag, W. R.
Pope, Jesse
Presler, H.
Ragnet, Condy
Rainey, S. D.
Raquit, Condy
Red, A. M.
Reeves, A. A.
Reeves, W. J.
Renfroe, J. P.
Richards, S.
Riddle, Henry
Rodgers, Isaac
Rogers, C. J.
Rogers, James M.
Roquemore, H. P.
Rowe, E.
Rucker, L. H.
Rye, B. L.
Sanders, P. D.
Sanders, S. H.
Sandidge, A. J.
Sandige, A. J.
Alternate Name:A. J./Sandidge
Scarborough, B.
Scate, F. B.
Scott, Graves
Scott, W. G.
Scott Jr., F. M.
Self, A. N.
Sherrod, L. L.
Simpson, V. J.
Smalley, James
Smith, W. A.
Snell, A. H.
Speight, J. H.
Stark, J. R.
Stetts, J. W.
Stewart, S. J.
Stewart, W. H.
Stinson, A.
Stith, F.
Strahan, M.
Stroud, W. A.
Stuart, S. J.
Alternate Name:S. J./Stewart
Tagart, W. R.
Taylor, Joseph
Thompson, Joe
Tincher, H.
Alternate Name:H./Tincture
Tincture, H.
Tucker, E. S.
Tuscano, Santiago
Tutle, Pink
Tutle, W. A.
Tutle, W. A.
Tuttle, Daniel
Vaught, J. S.
Vondersmith, J. P.
Wade, J. G.
Waggan, A. A.
Waters, J. H.
Watt, William
Weaver, W. H.
West, James
Whitaker, L. M.
White, H. H.
Wilerford, B.
Willeford, B.
Alternate Name:B./Wilerford
Williams, Elijah
Williams, P. K.
Williamson, J. B.
Wilson, Arthur
Winnard, W. A.
Womack, Jacob
Womack, John
Worsham, J. A.
Young, J. B. D.



REF: Crute - Units of the Confederate States Army

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