Texas 6th Infantry Regiment

HISTORICAL NOTES: The Texas 6th Infantry Regiment completed its organization at Camp McCulloch, Victoria, Texas, during the summer of 1861. Its members were raised in Austin, Victoria, and McKinney, and Matagorda County. Sent to Arkansas, the unit was captured at Arkansas Post in January, 1863. Here the regiment had 53 men disabled of the 542 engaged. After being exchanged, it moved east of the Mississippi River. It was assigned to Deshler's, J.A. Smith's, and Granbury's Brigade, and in September, 1863, consolidated with the 10th Infantry Regiment and the 15th Cavalry Regiment (dismounted). This command went on to participate in the campaigns of the Army of Tennessee from Chickamauga to Bentonville. It reported 20 killed, 95 wounded, and 28 missing of the 667 engaged at Chickamauga and totalled 642 men and 437 arms in December, 1863. Few surrendered on April 26, 1865. FIELD OFFICERS: Robert R. Garland, Colonel
Thomas Scott Anderson, Lieutenant Colonel
Alex M. Haskell, Major
Samuel J. Garland, Adjutant
Udolpho Wolfe, Quartermaster
John E. Garey, Assistant Quartermaster
James K. P. Campbell, Assistant Chief of Staff
A. Jones, Surgeon
John H. Lyons, Surgeon
David McKnight, Surgeon
S. E. Gross, Assistant Surgeon
J. Purvis Jenkins, Assistant Surgeon
R. A. Snith, Assistant Surgeon
George W. Trimble, Assistant Surgeon
B. H. Harris, Chaplain
R. McCoy, Chaplain
ASSIGNMENTS: Garland's Brigade, Fall 1861 - May 24, 1863 Garland's Military Career was ruined by the surrender at Arkansas Post. He was replaced after the prisoners were released and passed over for promotion for the rest of the war.
Churchill's Brigade, May 24, 1863 - August 13, 1863 Deshler's Brigade, August 13, 1863 -September 20, 1863, died in battle. Mill's Brigade, Sept 20, 1863 - Mid-October 1863, promoted to regiment commander. Smith's Brigade, Mid-October, 1863 - November 25, 1863, wounded in battle. Granbury's Brigade, November 25, 1863 - March 5, 1864 temporary command. March 5, 1864 Promoted and given permanent command. November 30, 1864, Killed at the Battle of Franklin. Granbury had great respect from the men and the brigade retained his name after the war.
Broughton's Brigade, December 1, 1864 - xx.
The Battle of Arkansas Post
Tullahoma Campaign
The Chattanooga Campaign
Chickamauga and Chattanooga
Atlanta Campaign
Hood's Tennessee Campaign
The Battle of Franklin
The Battle of Nashville
The Carolinas Campaign
The Battle of Bentonville
ROSTERS: Company A - Calhoun County
Company B - Victoria County
Company C - Gonzales County
Company D - Matagorda County
Company E - Guadalupe County
Company F - Bell County
Company G - Travis County
Company H - Calhoun, Lavaca and Victoria Counties
Company I - DeWitt County
Company K - Bexar County
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