6th Regiment, Texas Infantry Volunteers (10th Inf. &15th Cav.)

HISTORICAL NOTES: The Texas 6th Infantry Regiment completed its organization at Camp McCulloch, Victoria, Texas, during the summer of 1861. Its members were raised in Austin, Victoria, and McKinney, and Matagorda County. Sent to Arkansas, the unit was captured at Arkansas Post in January, 1863. Here the regiment had 53 men disabled of the 542 engaged. After being exchanged, it moved east of the Mississippi River. It was assigned to Deshler's, J.A. Smith's, and Granbury's Brigade, and in September, 1863, consolidated with the 10th Infantry Regiment and the 15th Cavalry Regiment (dismounted). This command went on to participate in the campaigns of the Army of Tennessee from Chickamauga to Bentonville. It reported 20 killed, 95 wounded, and 28 missing of the 667 engaged at Chickamauga and totalled 642 men and 437 arms in December, 1863. Few surrendered on April 26, 1865. FIELD OFFICERS: Colonel Robert S. Garland; Lieutenant Colonel Thomas S. Anderson; and Majors Rhoads Fisher, Alexander M. Haskell, and Alexander H. Phillips, Jr. ASSIGNMENTS: BATTLES: ROSTERS: Bibliography for Research:

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