Texas 1st Cavalry Regiment (Yagers)

HISTORICAL NOTES: The First Texas Cavalry Regiment, or First Texas Mounted Rifles was organized by the merging of the Third and Eighth Cavalry Battalions in May of 1863. The regiment dismounted in late 1863. Soon afterward, the regiment remounted. The First Texas Confederate Cavalry was surrendered by Gen. E.K. Smith on May 26, 1865. The regiment was composed of ten companies comprising of approximately 1,500 men. FIELD OFFICERS: Col. Augustus Buchel-- Colonel Buchel was a field officer with the Texas Third Infantry Division prior to the forming of the First Texas Confederate Cavalry Regiment. In addition, he served in the Mexican War as an "Aide de Camp" to Zachary Taylor. Colonel Buchel was fatally wounded at Pleasant Hill on April 9, 1864, and died two days later at the headquarters of Major General Hamilton Bee.

Robert A. Meyers (Major)
William O. Yager (Lt. Col.)
ASSIGNMENTS: Gen. Hamilton Bee’s Brigade
Hawes Brigade
BATTLES: Matagorda Peninsula (Skirmish), December 29, 1863
Caney Bayou, Texas Bombardment, January 8-9, 1864
Los Patricios (1 company), March 13, 1864
Corpus Christi (1 company), March 17, 1864
Red River Campaign, March-May 1864
Mansfield, April 8, 1864
Pleasant Hill, April 9, 1864
Near Moreauville, May 17, 1864
Eagle Pass (1 company), June 19, 1864
Atchafalaya River, September 17, 1864
Bayou Ala and Morgan's Ferry, September 20, 1864
ROSTERS: This regiment was recruited from San Antonio, Fredericksburg, Marshall, Belton, Jackson and DeWitt Counties.
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