Texas 7th Infantry Regiment

HISTORICAL NOTES: The Seventh Texas Infantry completed its organization at Hopkinsville, Kentucky, 10 November 1861, with 9 companies raised in the counties of McLennan, Upshur, Harrison, Cherokee, Smith, Freestone, Rusk, Kaufman and Henderson. The regiment totalled 749 officers and men, but was ravaged by disease during the winter of 1861-62, losing over 25% of its original strength (164 dead and another 25 discharged for disabilities).

The unit was surrendered at Ft. Donelson on Feb 16, 1862. Exchanged ca. Oct 1862. Field consolidation with the 49th and 55th Tennessee Infantry Regiments and known as Bailey's Consolidated Regiment from Oct. 1862 to early 1863. Consolidated with the 6th and 10th Infantry Regiments and the 15th, 17th, 18th, 24th, and 25th Calvary Regiments [dismounted] and designated the 1st Infantry Regiment.

The regiment went on to fight throughout the Chattanooga Siege and the Atlanta Campaign. When the final surrender took place at Durham Station, NC, only 67 men remained of 1005 names on the rolls.

The last known survivor of the Seventh Texas was Charles W. Trice, of Company A. Trice, who had lost an arm at Kennesaw Mountain, died in Lexington, North Carolina, on December 1, 1936.
FIELD OFFICERS: Cols. John Gregg (promoted, 29 Aug 62), Hiram B. Granbury (promoted, 29 Feb 64), William L. Moody (disabled, never assumed command -- resigned 19 Aug 64);
Lt. Cols. Jeremiah M. Clough (KIA, Fort Donelson), William L. Moody (promoted, 29 Feb 64, while on sick leave);
Majors Hiram B. Granbury (promoted, 29 Aug 62), Khleber M. Van Zandt (disabled; resigned, 11 June 64);
Adjutants William D. Douglas (transferred, 62), George A. Blain (KIA, Franklin);
Surgeons John L. Alston (transferred, 5 May 62), John R. Crain;
Asst Surgeons Robert A. Felton (paroled from prison, 23 April 62, did not return), Davis T. Richardson;
Quartermasters William D. Bradfield (discharged, 62), Quentin D. Horr;
Commissary and subsistence officers S. T. Bridges (discharged, 62); William W. West;
Chaplain: Stokley R. Chaddick (no record after Feb 62);
Ensign Ira B. Sadler.
ASSIGNMENTS: Department of Texas (SEP-OCT 1861)
Tilghman's-Clark's Brigade, Central Army of Kentucky, Dept #2 (DEC 1861-FEB 1862)
Davidson's Brigade, Johnson's Division, Ft. Donelson, Dept #2 (FEB 1862)
Maxey's Brigade, Maury's Division, Price's Corps, Army of West Tennessee, Dept. Of Mississippi and East Louisiana (OCT 1862)
Maxey's Brigade, District of East Louisiana, Dept of Mississippi and East Louisiana (NOV 1862-FEB 1863)
Gregg's Brigade, District of East Louisiana, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana (Mar - MAY 1863)
Gregg's Brigade, Department of the West (MAY-JUN 1863)
Gregg's Brigade, Walker's Division, Department of the West (JUN-JUL 1863)
Gregg's Brigade, Walker's Division, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana (JUL- AUG 1863)
Gregg's Brigade, Johnson"s Provisional Division, Army of Tennessee (SEP 1863)
Gregg's Brigade, Walker's Division, Longstreet's Corps, Army of Tennessee (SEP-NOV 1863)
Smith's-Granbury's Brigade, Cleburne's Division, 2nd Corps, Army of Tennessee (NOV 1863)
Granbury's Brigade, Cleburne's Division, 1st Corps, Army of Tennessee (NOV 1863- APR 1865)
BATTLES: • Ft. Donelson (FEB 12-16, 1862)
• vs. Grierson's Raid (APR 17 - MAY 2, 1863)
• Vicksburg Campaign (MAY-JUL 1863)
• Raymond (MAY 12, 1863)
• Jackson (MAY 14, 1863)
• Jackson Siege (JUL 1863)
• Chickamauga (SEP 19-20, 1863)
• Chattanooga Siege (SEP-NOV 1863)
• Chattanooga (NOV 23-25, 1863)
• Taylor's Ridge (NOV 27, 1863)
• Atlanta Campaign (MAY-SEP 1864)
• Pickett's Mill (MAY 27, 1864)
• New Hope Church (JUN 27, 1864)
• Atlanta Siege (JUL-SEP 1864)
• Jonesboro (AUG 31 - SEP 1, 1864)
• Franklin (NOV 30, 1864)
• Nashville (DEC 15-16, 1864)
• Carolinas Campaign (FEB-APR 1865)
• Bentonville (MAR 19-21, 1865)
ROSTERS: Co. "A", Waco Guards (McLennan): C. N. Alexander (failed to return from recruiting mission; dropped 22 Dec 63 after 12 months absence); J. Sam Norvell (KIA, Jonesboro)
Co. "B", Texas Patriots (Upshur): Raleigh S. Camp (resigned, 12 March 63; to Major, 40th GA Infantry); Thomas B. Camp
Co. "C", Johnson Guards (Kaufman and Henderson): Edward T. Broughton (resigned, March 65)
Co. "D", Bass Grays (Harrison): Khleber M. Van Zandt (promoted, 29 Aug 62); Charles E. Talley – From Kaufman County.
Co. "E", Cherokee Rifles (Cherokee): Jack Davis (resigned, 25 March 63; promoted, Capt., Co. "G", 22nd TX Infantry); Benjamin F. Vining
Co. "F" Lone Star Rifles (Smith): William H. Smith (KIA, Raymond) Company broken up after Raymond; men transferred to Co. "A"
Co. "G", Freestone Freemen (Freestone): William L. Moody (promoted, 29 Aug 62); James H. Collett
Co. "H" Texas Invincibles (Harrison): William B. Hill (KIA, Fort Donelson); Oren P. Forrest
Co. "I", Sabine Greys (Rusk): John W. Brown
Co. "K", (various counties, added 10 Feb 63): William L. Coppedge
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