Texas 8th Cavalry Battalion (Taylor's Battalion, Mounted Rifles)

HISTORICAL NOTES: The Texas 8th Cavalry Battalion was organized by the reduction of the Texas 1st Mounted Rifles Regiment to a battalion of five companies about April 1862. It was consolidated with the 3rd Cavalry Battalion and designated as the 1st Cavalry Regiment about May 1863.
Predecessor Unit:
The Texas 1st (McCulloch's) Regiment Mounted Rifles was organized with about 1,000 men in May, 1861, and served in the Department of Texas on the frontier. In April, 1862, the unit was reduced to five companies and redesignated the 8th Texas Cavalry Battalion.
Predecessor Unit:
The Texas Third Cavalry Battalion (Yager’s) was organized with five companies in late 1861. It was consolidated with the 8th Cavalry Battalion and designated as the 1st Cavalry Regiment about May 1863.
Descendant Unit:
The First Texas Cavalry Regiment, or First Texas Mounted Rifles was organized by the merging of the Third and Eighth Cavalry Battalions in May of 1863. The regiment dismounted in late 1863. Soon afterward, the regiment remounted. The First Texas Confederate Cavalry was surrendered by Gen. E.K. Smith on May 26, 1865. The regiment was composed of ten companies comprising of approximately 1,500 men.
FIELD OFFICERS: 1st Regiment Mounted Rifles (McCullough’s)
Henry E. McCulloch
Lieutenant Colonel:
Thomas C. Frost
James B. Barry
Ed. Burleson
3rd Cavalry Battalion
William O. Yager.
8th Cavalry Battalion
Joseph Taylor
ASSIGNMENTS: Western Sub-district of Texas, Department of Texas (April-May 1862) BATTLES: Nueces River, near Fort Clark – August 10, 1862 ROSTERS: The counties where this battalion was formed are unknown. Bibliography for Research:

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