Texas 11th Infantry & Cavalry Battalion (Spaight’s)

HISTORICAL NOTES: The Texas 11th (Spaight's) Cavalry and Infantry Battalion, formerly the 6th Texas Infantry Battalion, was a mixed command organized with 400 men in April, 1862. The unit served in the Department of Texas, then was assigned to Hebert's Brigade in the Trans-Mississippi Department. During the spring of 1864 it merged into the 21st Texas Infantry Regiment. FIELD OFFICERS: Lieutenant Colonel:
Ashley W. Spaight
J. S. Irvine

As the 21st Infantry Regiment
Spring 1864:
Ashley W. Spaight
Lieutenant Col.:
William M. Griffin
Felix C. McReynolds
ASSIGNMENTS: As the Texas 11th Cavalry Battalion:
Department of Texas
Assigned to Hebert's Brigade in the Trans-Mississippi Department.
As the Texas 21st Infantry Regiment:
Trans-Mississippi Department
BATTLES: Skirmish at Franklin, La.
Skirmish at Jeanerett, La.
Battle at Camp Hunter,
Indian Bayou, La.
Battle at Culvert Bridge, La.
Battle of Fordoche Bayou, La.
Skirmish at New Iberia, La.
Skirmish of Camp Pratt, La.
Skirmish of Vermilion Prairie, La.
Skirmish of Vermilion Bayou, La.
Skirmish of Mouton's Plantation, La.
Skirmish of Mouton's Store, La.
Skirmish of Carencro Bayou, La.
Skirmish of Grand Coteau, La.
Skirmish of Chicot Road, La.
Skirmish of Dupre's Plantation, La.
Skirmish of Moundville, La.
Skirmish of Opelousas City, La.
2nd skirmish of Opelousas
Battle of Bayou Bourbeau, La.
Artillery duel, Carencro Prairie, La.
Battle of Calcasieu Pass, La., in 1864
As the 21st Infantry Regiment
Although the 21st may have been involved in several skirmishes, I do not find any record of actual battles.
ROSTERS: The counties from which this battalion was formed are unknown. Lt. Col. Spaight was from Liberty County, Texas and organized these units there.
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