Texas 13th Cavalry Regiment (Burnett's Mounted Volunteers)

HISTORICAL NOTES: The Texas 13th Cavalry Regiment was organized at Crockett, Texas, during the winter of 1861-1862 with about 900 men. Some of its members were from Centerville, Crockett, Madisonville. In the summer of 1862 it was dismounted and later assigned to O. Young's and Waul's Brigade in the Trans-Mississippi Department. The unit participated in various conflicts in Louisiana and Arkansas including the engagement at Jenkins' Ferry. It disbanded during the late spring of 1865. FIELD OFFICERS: Bluebaker, J.C., Asst.Surg.
Hannible H. Boone, Major
Brily, J.
Burnett, James R., Adj.
Burton, Robert
Cornish, J.L., Asst.Surg.
Fancher, R.F., Chap.
Hollis, Thomas H., Surg.
Langham, J.K.P.
Layton, G.B., QMSgt.
Means, W.P., Asst.Surg.
Moore, Allen J.
Shipley, J.D.
Watson, H.D., Ch.Music.
ASSIGNMENTS: O. Young's and Waul's Brigade in the Trans-Mississippi Department. BATTLES: •Attempt to Relieve Vicksburg, Mississippi (November 1862 - July 1863).
•Red River Campaign (March-April 1864).
•The March to Arkansas (April 1864).
ROSTERS: Co. "A", (Leon): Jerome N. Black (21 Feb–9 June 62), Granderson M. Nash (10 June 62–2 June 65)
Co. "B", (Houston and Cherokee): John T. Smith (22 Feb 62–10 Aug 63), Joshua B. Young (11 Aug 63–2 June 65)
Co. "C", (Houston): George English (22 Feb 62–27 Aug 63), Crockett J. English (28 Aug 63–2 June 65)
Co. "D", (Anderson): James Steele Hanks (22 Feb 62–9 June 63), John C. Oldham (10 June 63–2 June 65)
Co. "E", (Henderson): William K. Payne (22 Feb 62–31 Aug 63), James Eastland (1 Sept–2 Dec 63), James B. Rounsaville (3 Dec 63–2 June 65)
Co. "F" (Angelina): Hiram Brown (1 March 62–27 Aug 63), Samuel B. Thomas (28 Aug 63–2 June 65)
Co. "G", Crawford's Rebels (Jasper): Elias Thompson Seale (1 March 62–15 Nov 63), Thomas F. Truett (16 Nov 63–12 Aug 64), Elias T. Seale (13 Aug 64–Nov 64), William F. Seale (Nov 64–2 June 65)
Co. "H" Dreadnaughts (Newton): William Blewett (1 March–19 Sept 62; died in Little Rock), John Thomas Stark (20 Sept 62–25 Feb 65), Thomas J. Brack (26 Feb–2 June 65)
Co. "I", Orange Greys (Orange): Samuel A. Fairchild, Hiram G. Cline
Co. "K", Jack Bean's Cavalry (Tyler): John Thomas Bean (1 March–2 Oct 62), Charles H. Jones (3 Oct 63–2 June 65)
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