Texas 16th Cavalry Regiment (Fitzhugh's)

HISTORICAL NOTES: The Texas 16th Cavalry Regiment was organized at Dallas in Early 1862. It was subsequently dismounted in April 1862, but evidently kept the Cavalry name. FIELD OFFICERS: Colonel:
William Fitzhugh
William W. Diamond, (Major, Lieut. Colonel )
Lieut. Colonel:
Edward P. Gregg, ( Lt. Col. Colonel. )
ASSIGNMENTS: Department of Texas January - February 1862
Eastern District of Texas, Department of Texas February - May 1862.
Eastern District of Texas, Trans Mississippi Department May - August 1862.
Flournoys Brigade,Nelsons- McCulloch's Division, 2nd Corps, Trans Mississippi Department. September - January 1863.
Flournoys Brigade, McCulloch's - Walkers Division, District of Arkansas, Trans Mississippi Department. February - March 1863
McCulloch's- Flournoys- Scurry's Brigade, Walkers Texas Division.District of Western louisianna, Trans Mississippi Department. May 1863 - April 1864.
Scurry's- Waterhouse's Brigade, Walkers division, District of Arkansas,Trans Mississippi Department. April - May 1864
Waterhouse's Brigade , Walkers Division, District of Western louisianna,Trans Mississippi Department, May - September 1864.
2nd ( Waterhouse's ) Texas Brigade, 1st ( Forneys ) Texas Division, 1st Corps, Trans Mississippi Department. September 1864 - May 1865.
BATTLES: Round Hill, on Cache River. 07 July 1862
Millikens Bend 07 June 1863
Red River Campaign March - May 1864
Camden Expedition March - May 1864
Mansfield 08 April 1864
Pleasant Hill 09 April 1864
Jenkins Ferry 30 April 1864
ROSTERS: This regiment was formed at Dallas, Texas. The organization of the individual companies is unknown.
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