The Civil War in Utah

Iron County Militia
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The Iron County Militia is most remembered for its participation in the Mountain Meadow Massacre.

Occurring at the outset of the Utah War of 1857-1858, the Mountain Meadows Massacre was an appalling war-time atrocity. Regardless of whether we categorize it as war crime, religiously-motivated revenge, or mass killing arising from war hysteria and moral panic, it is, from any vantage point, a horrific and unjustified slaughter.

The fact that the wagon train was lured to its doom by deceptive promises of protection emphasizes the enormity of the crime while the fact that the large majority of the victims were women and children only increases our sense of outrage. Even the militiamen themselves came to see it as a catastrophe and some saw in hindsight how cowardly their cynical deception had been.

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Adair, George Washington
Adair, Samuel
Allen, Andrew Augustus
Allen, Ira
Arthur, Benjamin Able
Bateman, William
Cartwright, Thomas Henry
Clark, John Wesley
Clews/Clewes, Joseph Thomas
Coleman, Prime Thornton
Curtis, Ezra Houghton
Dame, William Horne
Davies, William Rees
Dickson, Robert
Durfee/Durfey, Jabez
Edwards, Eleazer
Edwards, William
Elang, Joseph
Freeman, Columbus Reed
Haight, Isaac Chauncey
Hamblin, Oscar
Harrison, Richard
Hatch, Ira
Hawley, George
Hawley, John Pierce
Hawley, William Schroeder
Higbee, John Mount
Hopkins, Charles
Humphries, John Samuel
Hunter, George
Ingram, Alexander G.
Jacobs, John
Jacobs, Swen
Jewkes/Jukes, Samuel
Johnson, Nephi
Klingensmith, Philip
Knight, Samuel
Leavitt, Dudley
Lee, John Doyle
Lewis, Samuel
Loveridge, Alexander Hamilton
Macfarlane, Daniel Sinclair
Macfarlane, John Menzies
Mangum, James Mitchell
Mangum, John
Matheny, Sims Lafayette
Mathews, James Nicolas
McDulange, F. C.
McMurdie, Samuel
Morris, Elias
Nowlin/Nomlen, Jabez
Pearce, Harrison
Pearce, James
Pollock, Samuel
Price, John
Reeves, Josiah
Riddle, Isaac
Riggs, William Sears
Robinson, Richard Smith.
Shirts, Don Carlos
Slade, William Rufus
Slade, William
Smith, Joseph Hodgetts
Spencer, George
Stewart, William Cameron
Stoddard, David K.
Stratton, Anthony Johnson
Tait, William
Thornton, Amos Griswold
Tullis, David Wilson
Tyler, Oscar
Urie, John
Weston, John
White, Joel William
White, Samuel Dennis
Wilden/Willden, Elliot
Wilden/Willden, John
Wiley, Robert
Williamson, James
Willis, John Henry
Young, William Alma


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