County Cross Reference



Co. D2, 8th VA Cav. Capt. William Richmond Gunn's Co. Cabell Co.
Co. E, 8th VA Cav. Border Rangers
Co. D, 16th VA Cav., Capt. Joseph W. Morris' Co.

Co. C, 36th VA Cav. Battn., Capt. Morris Kirtley's Co.
Co. F, 1st VSL, Capt. George W. Hackworth's Co.
Co. H, 2nd VSL, Capt. Mathias Harrison's Co.,
Co. G, 4th VSL, Capt. William P. Hensley's Co.


Co. E, 14th VA Cav., Capt. Absalom Knott's Co.
Co. A, 19th VA Cav., Capt. George Down's Co., Previously Co. A, 3rd VSL.
Co. C, 19th VA Cav., Capt. Joseph R. Kessler's Co. Previously Co. D, 3rd VSL.
Co. H, 20th VA Cav., Capt. Joseph Hayhurst's Co. 3/4


Peyton Artillery (Co. D, 18th Battn. VA Heavy Art.)
Campbell Artillery (Patteson's)
Campbell Long Island Artillery (Clark's)
Co. B, 2nd VA Cav., Wise Troop
Co. I, 2nd VA Cav., Campbell Rangers
Co. A, 11th VA Inf., Lynchburg Rifle Grays
Co. B, 11th VA Inf., Southern Guards
Co. C, 11th VA Inf., Clifton Greys Previously Co. E1, 28th VA Inf.
Co. E, 11th VA Inf., Lynchburg Rifles
Co. G, 11th VA Inf., Lynchburg Home Guard
Co. H, 11th VA Inf., Jeff Davis Guard
Co. D, 42nd VA Inf., Campbell-Lee Guards
Co. I, 42nd VA Inf., Campebll Guards
Capt. John T. Edwards' Company, VA LDT.
Co. B, 3rd VA Res., Campebll Res.
Co. F, 3rd VA Res., Campbell Res.


Caroline Light Artillery (Thornton's)
Co. B, 9th VA Cav., Caroline Light Dragoons
Co. E, 30th VA Inf., Caroline Grays
Co. F, 30th VA Inf., Bowling Green Guards
Co. G, 30th VA Inf., Chilesburg Light Infantry
Co. H, 30th VA Inf, Sparta Grays
Co. E, 47th VA Inf., Port Royal Guards
Co. H3, 47th VA Inf., Capt. Thomas N. Welch's Co.


Co. D, 37th VA Cav. Battn., Capt. W. L. Brown's Co.
Co. I, 37th Battn. VA Cav., Capt. Ezekiel Young's Co., Prev. Co. D, 4th VSL.
Co. C, 24th VA Inf., Carroll Boys
Co. C, 29th VA Inf., Carroll Marksmen
Co. D, 29th VA Inf., Rifle Rangers
Co. E, 29th VA Inf., Capt. Alexander Haynes' Co.
Co. E, 45th VA Inf., Rough and Readys
Co. I, 45th VA Inf., Reed Island Rifles
Co. G, 54th VA Inf., Capt. Jeremiah Spencer's Co.
Co. I2, 63rd VA Inf., Capt. Giles S. Martin's Co.
Co. B, Jackson's Battn. Light Art., VSL., Capt. James Mayo Oliver's Co.
Co. F, 4th Res.
Co. K, 4th Res.
152d Regiment Militia


Co. D, 3rd VA Cav., Charles City Light Dragoons
Co. K, 53rd VA Inf., Charles City Southern Guards


Charlotte Staunton Hill Artillery
Co. B, 14th VA Cav., Charlotte Cavalry
Co. K, 18th VA Inf., Charlotte Rifles
Co. A, 21st VA Inf., Red House Volunteers
Co. B, 22nd Battn. VA Inf., Charlotte and Lunenburg Art.
Co. E, 22nd Battn. VA Inf., Capt. Robert Samuel Elam's
Co. K, 23rd VA Inf., Keysville Guard
Co. I, 44th VA Inf., Mossingford Rifles
Co. C, 53rd VA Inf., Old Dominion Grays
Co. G, 56th VA Inf., Charlotte Defenders
Co. I, 56th VA Inf., Charlotte Grays

The 1909 Charlotte County Pension List


Chesterfield Artillery (Epes')
Manchester Artillery (Weisiger's)
Southside Artillery. (Drewey's/Jones')
Co. B, 4th VA Cav., Chesterfield Light Dragoons
Co. C, 32nd VA Cav. Battn., Capt. Sherwin McRae's Co.
Co. I, 6th VA Inf., Elliott Grays
Co. K, 6th VA Inf., Alstadt Grays.
Co. C, 9th VA Inf., Yellow Jacket Artillery
Co. D, 14th VA Inf., Chesterfield Central Guards
Co. I, 14th VA Inf., Chester Grays
Co. F, 16th VA Inf., Fleet Rifle Guard
Co. I, 16th VA Inf., Manchester Artillery
Co. A, 22nd Battn. VA Inf., Capt. Thomas E. Burfoot's Co.
Co. B, 41st VA Inf., Confederate Grays
Co. D, 41st VA Inf., Rough and Ready Volunteers
Co. A, 3rd VA Arty LDT, Chesterfield Rebels
Co. G, 1st VA Res., Chesterfield Res.


Co. D1, 1st VA Cav., Clarke Cavalry Became Co. D, 6th VA Cav.
Co. K, 11th VA Cav., Capt. Octavus T. Weems' Co.
Co. C, 2nd VA Inf., Nelson Guards
Co. I, 2nd VA Inf., Clarke Riflemen



Co. C, 22nd VA Inf., Mountain Cove Guards
Co. B, 28th VA Inf., Craig Rifles
Co. C2, 28th VA Inf., Craig Mountain Boys
Co. A, 11th Battn. VA Res., Craig Res.
Co. B, 11th Battn. VA Res., Craig Res.
The 189th Virginia Militia


Newtown Artillery.
Co. D, 4th VA Cav. Little Fork Rangers
Co. C, 7th VA Inf., Capt. John C. Porter's Co.
Co. E, 7th VA Inf., Hazlewood Volunteers
Co. I, 11th VA Inf., Rough and Ready Rifles
Co. B1, 13th VA Inf., Culpeper Minute Men.
Co. B2, 13th VA Inf., Capt. Charles T. Crittenden's Co.
Co. E1, 13th VA Inf., Culpeper Riflemen
Co. E2, 13th VA Inf., Brandy Rifles
Co. K1, 46th VA Inf., Capt. George Pannill's Co.
Co. F, 1st Battn. VA Res., Capt. Joseph B. Pannill's Co.


Co. G, 3rd VA Cav., Cumberland Light Dragoons
Co. E, 18th VA Inf., Black Eagle Rifles
Co. D, 21st VA Inf., Cumberland Greys
Co. E, 3rd VA Res., Cumberland Res.

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