The Civil War in Virginia

Virginia 2nd Infantry Regiment Reserves
Company A

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Adams, RichPrivatePrivate
Atkisson, W.F.Captain
Bagly, G.R.CorporalCorporal
Bagly, J.P.
Banks, J.W.T.PrivatePrivate
Barrett, William S.PrivatePrivate
Basworth, P.B.PrivatePrivate
Binford, W.E.CorporalCorporal
Blackwell, James G.
Blamire, E.T.
Bowles, PrivatePrivate
Bramsford, J. W.SergeantSergeant
Bruce, CharlesPrivatePrivate
Brudar, Henry B.
Bugg, W. N.
Burr, David J.
Camp, Paul G.PrivatePrivate
Chamberlayne, PrivatePrivate
Chisa, JohnPrivatePrivate
Clarck, C.W.PrivatePrivate
Cook, Robert--
Davis, JosephPrivatePrivate
Elliott, W. A.--
Ellis, C. W.PrivatePrivate
Ellis, CharlesCorporalCorporal
Evans, George P.PrivatePrivate
Fisher, F.A.PrivatePrivate
Flaherty, -PrivatePrivate
Freeman, J.H.
Gayle, W. E.PrivatePrivate
Gibson, T.PrivatePrivate
Gibson, ThomasPrivatePrivate
Goodlaw, A.G.PrivatePrivate
Goodloe, A.G.PrivatePrivate
Grebe, PrivatePrivate
Hackett, James H.
Hankins, J.E.CorporalCorporal
Harris, J.H.CorporalCorporal
Hawkins, J.E.CorporalCorporal
Higgins, EugenePrivatePrivate
Hill, John A.
Jackson, Jr., J.PrivatePrivate
Jones, E. T.PrivatePrivate
Jones, I. M.--
Jones, J. AlfredCorporalCorporal
Kessear, G.T.PrivatePrivate
Kirby, WilliamPrivatePrivate
Knotts, JamesSergeantSergeant
Lawson, GeorgePrivatePrivate
Locke, James W.PrivatePrivate
Lundin, CharlesFirst SergeantFirst Sergeant
Macfarlane, CharlesSergeantSergeant
Mathews, FranklinSergeantSergeant
McCall, R.CorporalCorporal
McKenna, J.T.
Meade, R.H.PrivatePrivate
Medinger, C.W.PrivatePrivate
Miller, J.A.
Monteiro, A.A.Second LieutenantSecond Lieutenant
Moore, N.T.PrivatePrivate
Neis, A.PrivatePrivate
Obitts, C.W.PrivatePrivate
Parker, A.K.SergeantSergeant
Patton, T.F.
Pleasants, Charles M.
Poindexter, E.H.
Potts, Thomas
Powers, R.W.SergeantSergeant
Reynolds, R. T.CorporalCorporal
Rourke, ThomasCorporalCorporal
Runner, WilliamPrivatePrivate
Salmon, George P.PrivatePrivate
Shannon, M.PrivatePrivate
Smith, C.F.PrivatePrivate
Spradling, PrivatePrivate
Stagg, John F.CaptainCaptain
Strother, R.H.First LieutenantFirst Lieutenant
Strother, Richard H.First LieutenantFirst Lieutenant
Sweetman, N.SergeantSergeant
Tolar, R.M.PrivatePrivate
Tolen, R.M.PrivatePrivate
Toler, Richard M.PrivatePrivate
Tolleson, J.W.
Trainer, B.J.PrivatePrivate
Trueman, W.T.First SergeantFirst Sergeant
Tshusky, Wm.Sergeant
Viacava, PrivatePrivate
Wagner, L.PrivatePrivate
Wainstock, PrivatePrivate
Winston, E.T.Private
Witte, H.PrivatePrivate
Worsham, Elisha C.
Wortham, Coleman
Young, R.PrivatePrivate

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