The Civil War in Virginia

Virginia 2nd Infantry Regiment Reserves
Company B

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Adams, J. H.First SergeantFirst Sergeant
Angle, J.A.SergeantSergeant
Arsell, A.CorporalCorporal
August, P.PrivatePrivate
Bagly, T.J.SergeantSergeant
Baughan, W.T.PrivatePrivate
Berrey, Zach. T.SergeantSergeant
Blake, I.H.SergeantSergeant
Bossieux, EdmondSecond LieutenantSecond Lieutenant
Botts, CharlesPrivatePrivate
Bowles, JohnPrivatePrivate
Boyle, P. F.SergeantSergeant
Britton, C. L.PrivatePrivate
Britton, G. W.PrivatePrivate
Brown, RichardPrivatePrivate
Browne, O. D.SergeantSergeant
Brunner, L.
Burke, H. W.CorporalCorporal
Burke, W. H.CorporalCorporal
Carleton, W.PrivatePrivate
Cash, William R.PrivatePrivate
Claytor, W.PrivatePrivate
Conley, A.W.PrivatePrivate
Crawford, JohnPrivatePrivate
Cronin, D.--
Davis, W.M.PrivatePrivate
Disney, P.PrivatePrivate
Eagan, Dan--
Ellison, S. A.--
Elmore, ThomasPrivatePrivate
English, WilliamCaptain
Epps, William J.CaptainCaptain
Essig, J.
Everett, JohnPrivatePrivate
Feitig, C.
Fitzpatrick, C.--
Fore, L.H.PrivatePrivate
Fore, V.L.PrivatePrivate
Frick, G.
Friday, GeorgePrivatePrivate
Frommer, G.
Golden, J.SergeantSergeant
Goode, WilliamPrivatePrivate
Griffin, E.
Haley, W.M.PrivatePrivate
Hanes, R.PrivatePrivate
Hannan, J.--
Heath, A.F.PrivatePrivate
Heitrick, F.PrivatePrivate
Hill, M.W.PrivatePrivate
Hutchinson, WilliamPrivatePrivate
Jones, Richard H.
Jones, ThomasPrivatePrivate
Keck, F.
Keck, J.
Kerse, James
Kerse, Robert
Knox, JohnPrivatePrivate
Lipscombe, A.B.PrivatePrivate
Loughnean, M.--
Lucas, K.G.PrivatePrivate
Luck, B.M.PrivatePrivate
Luck, R.F.PrivatePrivate
Luck, W.C.PrivatePrivate
Mason, JefferySergeantSergeant
McCarthy, P.--
McDonough, James
Melton, J.M.PrivatePrivate
Miller, H.PrivatePrivate
Mills, CharlesPrivatePrivate
Mippleton, GeorgePrivatePrivate
Mitchell, E.PrivatePrivate
Murphy, M.PrivatePrivate
Neiz, CharlesPrivatePrivate
Newell, G. W.PrivatePrivate
O'Keffe, D.PrivatePrivate
O'Neil, JohnPrivatePrivate
Pegronette, L.L.PrivatePrivate
Perrington, J.M.PrivatePrivate
Phillips, W.S.PrivatePrivate
Ray, DavidPrivatePrivate
Reeves, F. S.PrivatePrivate
Reichman, AugustPrivate
Reidt, H.CorporalCorporal
Retchman, A.PrivatePrivate
Risely, JosephPrivatePrivate
Ryan, William--
Shippleton, G. W.PrivatePrivate
Smith, John
Steele, WilliamPrivatePrivate
Steinbrake, JohnPrivatePrivate
Steitzer, JohnPrivatePrivate
Stephens, W.E.CorporalCorporal
Stephens, WilliamCorporalCorporal
Swan, JamesPrivatePrivate
Thacker, WilliamPrivatePrivate
Thaylor, R.PrivatePrivate
Thomas, B.PrivatePrivate
Thurston, J.M.PrivatePrivate
Tille, A.T.PrivatePrivate
Todd, WyleyPrivatePrivate
Tubman, W.S.Second LieutenantSecond Lieutenant
Tuck, R.
Tupman, W.S.Second LieutenantSecond Lieutenant
Wells, J.D.PrivatePrivate
White, P.T.
Wightman, W.S.PrivatePrivate
Wittie, I.
Wood, Edward M.

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