The Civil War in Virginia

Virginia 2nd Infantry Regiment Reserves
Company C

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Baldwin, C.A.PrivateCorporal
Barkesdle, Charles H.PrivatePrivate
Barksdale, Charles H.PrivatePrivate
Barnet, George F.PrivatePrivate
Baugh, F.B.PrivateSergeant
Baugh, Frank B.PrivateSergeant
Berry, D.H.PrivatePrivate
Bidgood, George L.CaptainCaptain
Billing, T.J.PrivatePrivate
Breeden, E. V.PrivatePrivate
Bright, JamesPrivatePrivate
Brooks, G. W.PrivatePrivate
Brown, A. P.SergeantSergeant
Burroughs, J.R.F.PrivatePrivate
Butler, J.N.PrivatePrivate
Cannon, F.M.PrivatePrivate
Cardozo, C.P.PrivatePrivate
Carter, S. S.SergeantSergeant
Carter, W. B.SergeantSergeant
Carter, William B.SergeantSergeant
Clark, J.M.PrivatePrivate
Clark, J.W.PrivatePrivate
Collier, F.P.PrivatePrivate
Collins, John A.PrivateSergeant
Daniel, H. M.PrivatePrivate
Davis, ThomasPrivatePrivate
Doughty, C.P.PrivatePrivate
Drewry, T.C.C.PrivatePrivate
Drumheller, S.P.PrivatePrivate
Dunavan, John C.PrivatePrivate
Elwell, H. N.PrivatePrivate
Evans, J.F.PrivatePrivate
Gemmill, JamesPrivatePrivate
Glover, S.A.PrivatePrivate
Gray, CharlesPrivatePrivate
Hammond, W.H.PrivatePrivate
Hartman, John H.Second LieutenantSecond Lieutenant
Hartsook, F.S.PrivatePrivate
Hatcher, -PrivatePrivate
Hutton, George H.Conscript
Jenkins, PrivatePrivate
Jones, K. I.PrivatePrivate
Jones, R. J.PrivatePrivate
Kink, George C.PrivatePrivate
Kiser, John W.CorporalCorporal
Lowery, M.PrivatePrivate
Mahoney, JamesPrivatePrivate
Mahoney, JohnPrivatePrivate
Maning, JohnFirst SergeantFirst Sergeant
Marshall, D.PrivatePrivate
Martin, RogerPrivateCorporal
McCarthy, E.PrivatePrivate
McCullough, JosephPrivatePrivate
McDonnel, Joseph W.PrivatePrivate
Meanley, E.R.PrivatePrivate
Meredith, J.F.First SergeantFirst Sergeant
Miller, PrivatePrivate
Minnis, G.W.PrivatePrivate
Mitchell, A.T.PrivatePrivate
Mitchell, Archer J.PrivatePrivate
Monteiro, E.H.PrivatePrivate
Morton, J.J.PrivatePrivate
Morton, J.T.PrivatePrivate
Morton, Thomas L.PrivatePrivate
Murphy, CorneliusPrivatePrivate
Newell, A. M.PrivatePrivate
Newton, W.R.PrivatePrivate
Nicholas, P.C.First LieutenantFirst Lieutenant
O'Donnell, DanielPrivateSergeant
Oberts, GeorgePrivatePrivate
Oldham, RobertPrivatePrivate
Purcell, James P.PrivatePrivate
Redford, N. W.CorporalPrivate
Rees, C. R.PrivatePrivate
Robinson, C.PrivatePrivate
Schnable, J. R.PrivatePrivate
Seever, F.PrivatePrivate
Seibert, W.PrivatePrivate
Smith, C.N.PrivatePrivate
Smith, W.A.J.PrivatePrivate
Sterges, HenryPrivatePrivate
Stevens, PrivatePrivate
Sullivan, PrivatePrivate
Tabb, John P.PrivatePrivate
Truehart, A.H.PrivatePrivate
Truhart, W.H.First SergeantSergeant
Tucker, E.B.PrivatePrivate
Tucker, RobertPrivatePrivate
Turner, W.D.PrivatePrivate
Tyree, A.H.PrivatePrivate
Tyree, EdPrivatePrivate
Upton, R. B.PrivatePrivate
Wahman, J. A.PrivatePrivate
Wallace, C.M.PrivatePrivate
Wallace, JeffPrivatePrivate
Watkins, D.PrivatePrivate
Wilkinson, L.B.PrivatePrivate
Williams, J.W.PrivatePrivate
Woods, ThomasPrivatePrivate
Work, W.PrivatePrivate
Yeatman, PrivatePrivate

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