The Civil War in Virginia

Virginia 2nd Infantry Regiment Reserves
Company E

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Addison, ThomasPrivatePrivate
Baker, L.PrivatePrivate
Barnes, B.D.PrivatePrivate
Basiley, F.PrivatePrivate
Blair, HughCorporalCorporal
Bonavita, F.M.PrivatePrivate
Boyd, F. H. S.PrivatePrivate
Boyd, T. H.S.PrivatePrivate
Brogan, P.PrivatePrivate
Burnes, J.PrivatePrivate
Butler, D.PrivatePrivate
Coffee, M.PrivatePrivate
Collins, PrivatePrivate
Connelly, A.PrivatePrivate
Cunningham, WilliamPrivatePrivate
Daily, M.PrivatePrivate
Davis, F. E.PrivatePrivate
Devotie, M.PrivatePrivate
Dupuy, P. E.CorporalCorporal
Dupuy, R. E.CorporalCorporal
Forbush, H.W.SergeantSergeant
Frost, B.C.PrivatePrivate
Gallagher, J. B.First SergeantFirst Sergeant
Gemmill, M.SergeantSergeant
Gentry, A.PrivatePrivate
Gentry, C.Corporal
Gentry, E.PrivatePrivate
Gossin, A.H.PrivatePrivate
Grace, EdwardPrivatePrivate
Guion, H.PrivatePrivate
Hagerty, ThomasPrivatePrivate
Hall, E.C.PrivatePrivate
Handy, J.H.PrivatePrivate
Harlow, J.PrivatePrivate
Herndon, J.W.PrivatePrivate
Hyde, J.W.CorporalCorporal
Jenkins, William A.CaptainCaptain
Joy, JohnPrivatePrivate
June, WarrenPrivatePrivate
Kelvin, T.PrivatePrivate
Kessler, J.R.CorporalCorporal
Lee, PatPrivatePrivate
Leighman, R. B.PrivatePrivate
Lyle, J.D.PrivatePrivate
McCaithy, T.PrivatePrivate
McCann, D.C.PrivatePrivate
McCann, N.F.PrivatePrivate
McKinney, L.PrivatePrivate
Meeney, C.B.PrivatePrivate
Melville, JamesPrivatePrivate
Meyer, A.PrivatePrivate
Miles, J.H.PrivatePrivate
Miller, JamesPrivatePrivate
Moore, E.PrivatePrivate
Moran, J.PrivatePrivate
Mull, WilliamPrivatePrivate
Murphy, J.PrivatePrivate
Murphy, WilliamPrivatePrivate
Myers, S.A.PrivatePrivate
Nicholson, JohnPrivatePrivate
Nolti, J.L.PrivatePrivate
Noltie, J.C.PrivatePrivate
O'Neill, D.PrivatePrivate
Pettegrew, R.W.PrivatePrivate
Pleasants, C.H.PrivatePrivate
Porter, William A.PrivatePrivate
Robinson, A.J.PrivatePrivate
Russell, M.PrivatePrivate
Sanguinetti, S.PrivatePrivate
Schaaf, L.PrivatePrivate
Scott, James A.First LieutenantFirst Lieutenant
Shea, JamesPrivatePrivate
Sherry, H.SergeantSergeant
Shery, H.SergeantSergeant
Singleton, W.L.PrivatePrivate
Slatterly, M.PrivatePrivate
Slatterry, MichaelPrivatePrivate
Smith, E.PrivatePrivate
Smith, W.P.PrivatePrivate
Snellings, WilliamPrivatePrivate
Somerville, W.E.PrivatePrivate
Sullivan, J.H.PrivatePrivate
Swann, W.L.PrivatePrivate
Sweeney, DennisPrivatePrivate
Tighe, R.H.L.PrivatePrivate
Vincent, JohnPrivatePrivate
Wahmann, J. F.SergeantSergeant
Wahmann, J. H.PrivatePrivate
Wallace, H.H.PrivatePrivate
Watkins, H.H.Second LieutenantSecond Lieutenant
White, C.O.PrivatePrivate
White, CharlesPrivatePrivate
Woodson, W.F.SergeantSergeant

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