The Civil War in Virginia

Virginia 2nd Infantry Regiment Reserves
Company F

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Acree, AlbertPrivatePrivate
Alexander, William A.PrivatePrivate
Allen, EdwardPrivatePrivate
Allen, James E.PrivatePrivate
Allen, Samuel T.CorporalCorporal
Allen, William T.PrivatePrivate
Arnett, Henry C.PrivatePrivate
Bailey, ShadrachPrivatePrivate
Barnes, James B.PrivatePrivate
Barnes, Lewis V.CorporalCorporal
Bergheimer, C.PrivatePrivate
Branch, David A.PrivatePrivate
Branch, David L.PrivatePrivate
Bull, BenjaminPrivatePrivate
Burkhert, HenrySergeantSergeant
Butler, RichardPrivatePrivate
Campbell, James J.PrivatePrivate
Carter, Samuel S.PrivatePrivate
Charters, William A.CaptainCaptain
Clemmitt, ThomasSenior Second LieuteSenior Second Lieute
Clemmitt, William H.PrivatePrivate
Coghill, William T.PrivatePrivate
Davidson, D. C.PrivatePrivate
Davis, Henry A.PrivatePrivate
Drinkard, DavisPrivatePrivate
Drinkard, JamesPrivatePrivate
Emmenhouser, F.PrivatePrivate
Engel, GeorgePrivatePrivate
Finney, JohnPrivatePrivate
Freeman, William F.SergeantSergeant
Glazebrook, John F.PrivatePrivate
Graswitt, M.W.PrivatePrivate
Graves, Charles H.PrivatePrivate
Hawkins, William C.PrivatePrivate
Hazegrove, H.C.PrivatePrivate
Hazlegrove, H.C.PrivatePrivate
Herndon, Samuel H.PrivatePrivate
Hoeflick, Jacob N.PrivatePrivate
Hutton, T.J.PrivatePrivate
Jeffreys, JamesPrivatePrivate
King, John J.PrivatePrivate
King, Joseph H.PrivatePrivate
King, Peter W.PrivatePrivate
King, William T.PrivatePrivate
Mackey, WalterPrivatePrivate
Manning, D.PrivatePrivate
Martin, J.W.PrivatePrivate
McCarthy, M.PrivatePrivate
Miller, WilliamPrivatePrivate
Page, William C.PrivatePrivate
Paul, HermanPrivatePrivate
Paul, William H.SergeantSergeant
Pemberton, James T.PrivatePrivate
Pemberton, William D.PrivatePrivate
Phillips, Miles T.CorporalCorporal
Pleasants, G.W.PrivatePrivate
Purks, B.A.PrivatePrivate
Rianhart, J.PrivatePrivate
Riddick, William B.PrivatePrivate
Riley, P. S.PrivatePrivate
Rust, R.L.B.PrivatePrivate
Shephard, John E.PrivatePrivate
Sheppard, John E.PrivatePrivate
Sublett, George W.PrivatePrivate
Tensor, A.L.PrivatePrivate
Tensor, H.D.PrivatePrivate
Thomas, Robert J.Private
Thomas, Robert S.Private
Thomas, William J.PrivatePrivate
Tindall, JohnPrivatePrivate
Tinsley, C.C.Junior Second LieuteJunior Second Lieute
Trueman, WilliamSergeantSergeant
Tyree, David A.PrivatePrivate
Tyree, J.A.SergeantSergeant
Tyree, William J.PrivatePrivate
Waddill, R. O.CorporalCorporal
Weir, RobertPrivatePrivate
Whitaker, J.L.First SergeantFirst Sergeant
Wood, John W.PrivatePrivate
Zenter, A.PrivatePrivate

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