The Civil War in Virginia

Virginia 2nd Infantry Regiment Reserves
Company G

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Bargamin, PaulSergeantSergeant
Bevans, D.H.Second LieutenantSecond Lieutenant
Blakey, William P.PrivatePrivate
Bolton, CaryPrivatePrivate
Bragg, James E.PrivatePrivate
Brown, S. L.CorporalCorporal
Courtney, T.L.SergeantLieutenant
Crafton, William H.CorporalCorporal
Davidson, John T.PrivatePrivate
Day, W.E.PrivatePrivate
Deane, HenryPrivatePrivate
Faudree, JosephPrivatePrivate
Foos, G.W.SergeantSergeant
Freeman, FrederickPrivatePrivate
Gentry, J. B.First LieutenantFirst Lieutenant
Gill, John W.PrivatePrivate
Gill, W.PrivatePrivate
Hall, JosephPrivatePrivate
Hardin, LezvisPrivatePrivate
Hardy, ThomasPrivatePrivate
Hunt, G.J.PrivatePrivate
Jones, CharlesPrivatePrivate
Kane, EdwardPrivatePrivate
Kuhn, L. P.First SergeantFirst Sergeant
Larman, JosephPrivatePrivate
Leary, A.PrivatePrivate
MacDowell, SamuelPrivatePrivate
Minnitree, L.PrivatePrivate
Naglesman, BenPrivatePrivate
Peay, William F.PrivatePrivate
Pendleton, John J.PrivatePrivate
Perdue, A.J.PrivatePrivate
Quarles, William D.PrivatePrivate
Rey, J. L.PrivatePrivate
Ruth, SamuelCaptainCaptain
Ruth, W.H.CorporalCorporal
Severance, C.PrivatePrivate
Smith, W.S.PrivatePrivate
Sorrelle, E.L.PrivatePrivate
Stone, P.H.PrivatePrivate
Trainham, W.H.PrivatePrivate
Vanburen, J. M.SergeantSergeant
Wiggans, GeorgePrivatePrivate
Wingfield, Joseph F.PrivatePrivate
Winston, Joseph S.PrivatePrivate
Young, JamesPrivatePrivate

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