The Civil War in Virginia

Virginia 2nd Infantry Regiment Reserves
Company H

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Aickele, G.PrivatePrivate
Alberson, B.PrivateSergeant
Alexander, A.PrivatePrivate
Armstrong, RichardPrivatePrivate
Bauman, C.CaptainCaptain
Bauman, R.PrivatePrivate
Becker, H.PrivatePrivate
Becker, W.PrivatePrivate
Behle, W.PrivatePrivate
Behme, C.PrivatePrivate
Bernheim, C.PrivatePrivate
Botz, F.PrivatePrivate
Briel, P.PrivatePrivate
Brown, C.PrivatePrivate
Buren, R.PrivatePrivate
Bushaus, F.PrivatePrivate
Dinkell, S.SergeantSergeant
Doll, W.PrivatePrivate
Eamenhauser, CharlesPrivatePrivate
Ecinhausen, CharlesPrivatePrivate
Eckenhausen, CharlesPrivatePrivate
Ecmamhousen, CharlesPrivatePrivate
Eichinhamen, CharlesPrivatePrivate
Emmenhauser, C.PrivatePrivate
Feldner, C.PrivatePrivate
Feltham, W.PrivatePrivate
Fettenheimer, J.PrivatePrivate
Finker, C.SergeantSergeant
Finkle, W.PrivatePrivate
Flagenheimer, W.PrivatePrivate
Frank, A.PrivatePrivate
Frick, A.PrivatePrivate
Fromhagen, A.PrivatePrivate
Geyer, A.PrivatePrivate
Gopfard, W.PrivatePrivate
Gottlieb, B.PrivatePrivate
Haggerty, DanielPrivatePrivate
Haggerty, ThomasPrivatePrivate
Hanna, M.PrivatePrivate
Hartman, H.CorporalCorporal
Hartman, L.PrivatePrivate
Hase, WilliamPrivatePrivate
Hauser, J.PrivatePrivate
Hausler, R.PrivatePrivate
Heck, G.PrivatePrivate
Heise, C.PrivatePrivate
Henninghausen, C.PrivateSecond Lieutenant
Hentz, M.PrivatePrivate
Herzog, E.PrivatePrivate
Hires, W.PrivatePrivate
Hoehl, D. VonderSecond LieutenantSecond Lieutenant
Hohle, DavidSecond LieutenantSecond Lieutenant
Hubner, P.PrivatePrivate
Keck, E.PrivatePrivate
Keitner, N.PrivatePrivate
Keitner, R.PrivatePrivate
Klavescht, F.First SergeantFirst Sergeant
Knesi, H.PrivatePrivate
Kolbe, A.PrivatePrivate
Kopp, A.PrivatePrivate
Koppel, H.PrivatePrivate
Kregs, W.PrivatePrivate
Leavy, J.PrivatePrivate
Lichbars, C.PrivatePrivate
Lieberman, A.PrivatePrivate
Lingate, J.PrivatePrivate
Markel, J.PrivatePrivate
Marten, F.PrivatePrivate
Martin, F.PrivatePrivate
Mayers, A.PrivatePrivate
Meister, O.CorporalCorporal
Meyer, H.CorporalCorporal
Moyer, E.PrivatePrivate
Muller, A.PrivatePrivate
Muller, E.PrivatePrivate
Nauschman, K.PrivatePrivate
Obetts, G.PrivatePrivate
Peterson, L.PrivatePrivate
Propst, H.PrivatePrivate
Raffo, N.PrivatePrivate
Ramstal, L.PrivatePrivate
Rhotschley, W.SergeantSergeant
Rief, F.PrivatePrivate
Rucker, R.PrivatePrivate
Runge, G.First LieutenantFirst Lieutenant
Runger, G.First LieutenantFirst Lieutenant
Ruppert, A.PrivatePrivate
Schaaf, B.PrivatePrivate
Schmit, A.PrivatePrivate
Schmit, H.PrivatePrivate
Schmitt, APrivatePrivate
Schneider, IrePrivatePrivate
Schneider, JamesPrivatePrivate
Schneider, JohnPrivatePrivate
Schnit, W.PrivatePrivate
Schonborn, L.PrivatePrivate
Schonlakes, G.PrivatePrivate
Schutte, F.PrivatePrivate
Schutz, E.PrivatePrivate
Schwarz, V.SergeantSergeant
Scrif, R.CorporalCorporal
Senf, R.CorporalCorporal
Sheltee, F.PrivatePrivate
Shelter, F.PrivatePrivate
Shilten, F.PrivatePrivate
Simons, C.PrivatePrivate
Sorge, P.PrivatePrivate
Spies, A.PrivatePrivate
Staub, P.PrivatePrivate
Steinman, J.PrivatePrivate
Steinmann, JohnPrivatePrivate
Stephan, G.PrivatePrivate
Stern, L.PrivatePrivate
Sterne, LeoPrivatePrivate
Threter, R.PrivatePrivate
Tucker, P.PrivatePrivate
Von, der Hoehl, DavidSecond Lieutenant
Wagner, G.PrivatePrivate
Walter, L.PrivatePrivate
Waltonberg, L.PrivatePrivate
Warner, R.PrivatePrivate
Wiemer, C.PrivatePrivate
Wiemer, E.PrivatePrivate
Witte, F.CorporalCorporal
Wolf, G.PrivatePrivate
Wolfram, J.PrivatePrivate
Zimmerman, W.PrivatePrivate

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