The Civil War in Virginia

Virginia 2nd Infantry Regiment Reserves
Company N

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Bayfield, L.PrivatePrivate
Boyd, ThomasPrivatePrivate
Brady, M.CorporalCorporal
Broome, RobertPrivatePrivate
Brown, JamesPrivatePrivate
Bryne, W.PrivatePrivate
Butt, JosiahPrivatePrivate
Byrne, WilliamPrivatePrivate
Carroll, W.CorporalCorporal
Castello, E. T.PrivatePrivate
Clackner, G. W.PrivatePrivate
Costello, E. I.PrivatePrivate
Cross, AlexPrivatePrivate
Cunningham, R.PrivatePrivate
Cushing, Jr., JohnFirst LieutenantFirst Lieutenant
Devine, ThomasPrivatePrivate
Donahoe, B.W.PrivatePrivate
Dunn, JamesPrivatePrivate
Eno, Charles E.PrivatePrivate
Feast, LandonPrivatePrivate
Freeburger, GeorgePrivatePrivate
Fulton, JamesPrivatePrivate
Goodrich, ThomasPrivatePrivate
Goodrich, W.PrivatePrivate
Hanraud, R.First SergeantFirst Sergeant
Hiltzelberger, C.PrivatePrivate
Hubbard, J.W.SergeantSergeant
Hyde, JamesPrivatePrivate
Ingram, E.PrivatePrivate
Johnson, WilliamPrivatePrivate
Kennedy, CharlesPrivatePrivate
Kerchner, A.PrivatePrivate
Krebs, H. B.PrivatePrivate
Kretzer, H.PrivatePrivate
Logsden, WilliamPrivatePrivate
McClernan, JamesCaptainCaptain
McGee, JamesPrivatePrivate
McManus, JamesPrivatePrivate
Moore, RobertPrivatePrivate
Pedrick, CharlesPrivatePrivate
Pedrick, E.F.PrivatePrivate
Plant, J.J.PrivatePrivate
Rabarg, ChristPrivatePrivate
Reilly, B.PrivatePrivate
Seibert, F.First LieutenantFirst Lieutenant
Shea, ThomasCorporalCorporal
Simcoe, A. A.SergeantSergeant
Simcoe, A.SergeantSergeant
Simcoe, Aug S.SergeantSergeant
Starbuck, ThomasPrivatePrivate
Stephens, W.PrivatePrivate
Stewart, S.H.CaptainCaptain
Stribble, GeorgePrivatePrivate
Stroble, GeorgePrivatePrivate
Symington, J.PrivatePrivate
White, D.D.Second LieutenantSecond Lieutenant
Williams, BenjaminPrivatePrivate
Wilson, John B.PrivatePrivate
Wood, James W.PrivatePrivate
Wood, W.G.PrivatePrivate
Woodall, TheoPrivatePrivate
Wright, W.H.PrivatePrivate
Zimmerman, JoePrivatePrivate

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