The Civil War in Virginia

4th Virginia State Line
First Company I
Captain David Edmundson's Company.

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This cavalry company was organized on December 22, 1862, at Wytheville, which was also the date and place commissions were issued to the company's officers. It was transferred to the 5th Virginia State Line and designated Company H in that organization. Its men were primarily from Floyd County, Virginia and surrounding counties in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Barnett, Joseph H., 1st Sgt. Jewel, G.G. Poff, Joseph A.
Beckner, Aaron Jewel, J.H. Reynolds, Cardwell M.
Beckner, Daniel Johnson, F. Richard, Anderson
Boswell, John Johnson, W. Richardsen, G.T., Cpl.
Burks, C.E., Lt. King, John Richardson, J.W.
Calvin, J.M. Lee, Samuel E. Rutledge, T.
Conner, D.R. Light, S.R. Satter, H.
Conner, Giles A. Likens, David Shewalter, Isaac
Cox, John Likens, W. Shockey, J.
Creasy, L.S. Linkenberger, R. Stuard, William
Crockett, James W. Logan, J.A. Stump, George T.
Derlin, J. Mann, Bernard J. Stump, John H.
Dobbins, A.P. Matthews, Glover H., Cpl. Sublett, T.T.
Edmundson, D., Capt. Maxey, James B. Sublett, W.S.
Finck, John Mets, Giles A. Swepston, Samuel W., Cpl.
Foster, W. Miles, Robert E., Sgt. Tankersly, F.
Furgerson, W.T. Mills, Hiram, Jr. Turnell, Thomas T., Sgt.
Garhart, Andrew, Cpl. Mills, J.A. Vest, Benjamin
Hall, G. Moore, George W., Sgt. Vest, C.
Hall, Robert E. Moore, J., 2nd Lt. Via, A.
Holloway, F. Moore, J. Whiteneth, A.
Holoway, Charles S. Moses, T. Whiteneth, J.
Hoot, John Muncy, Riley T. Wood, John
Howrry, Wilson J. Paulett, Wesley S. Wright, Abra H.
Wright, James J.

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