The Civil War in Virginia

1st Virginia Artillery
Company C
Newton Artillery

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This unit was formed in Culpeper County. It was formerly Capt. George A. Groves' Battery Va. Light Arty; formerly Capt. Robert F. Beckham's Battery; enlisted April 19, 1861 for one year; disbanded in the fall of 1862 and the men assigned to Capt. John Pelham's Co., Stuart Horse Arty. Captains: George A. Groves, Robert Franklin Beckham.

Anderson, James H., Cpl. Drake, G.T. Marks, Jacob A., 1st Lt.
Baty, Thomas R. Drake, George W. O'Conner. Patrick
Boswell, William H., Black. Everley, William N., Bugler O'Neal, John, 1st Sgt.
Boyers, George D. Everly, George W. Offitt, Jonathan
Bradford, William S. Ewing, Samuel A. Ogden, Thomas A., Cpl.
Brison, John R. Fraser, James R. Polton, George W.
Brodas, C.L. Gibbons, Daniel M. Reed, John W., Sgt.
Cadwallader, John N. Grim, Joseph R. Reed, Joseph C.
Campbell, William N. Groves, George A., Capt. Staff, Albert W.
Carper, J.H. Groves, Winfield S., Sgt. Steel, Alvin R.
Chipley, Rich. H. Guard, Charles H. Steel, N.H., 2nd Lt.
Clem, Michael Guard, David T. Taylor, Joseph H.
Clevenger, Joseph S. Guard, William H. Welker, George W.
Conroy, Dennis Hartley, J.T. Williams, George A.
Cook, John Holmes, Isaac L. Wootton, John R., Cpl.
Cooley, Joseph Holmes, Joseph J. Wright, Samuel T., Sr.2nd Lt.
Debar, Isaac Hosey, R.F., Cpl. Young, Alfred H., Sgt.
Dinges, John W. Hughes, William J.

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